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Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by -, Jun 17, 2005.

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    I just wanted to let you guys know who are having a hard time with HPT's, I've had another look at mine to compare and they are all over the place! I have now done 4 in total (due to bleedin/disbeleif etc and obv all are positive. The two with the strangest respnses were the same brand!

    20/05/2005 - simply ultra early test - 2 days after missed Af - feint but clear positive!

    31/05/2005 - Boots +/- test - VERY bright HELLO I'm here test!

    7/06/2005 - Boots +/- test - Quite feint positive result, the indicator which shows it has worked was brighter! :? but a definate positive still.

    16/06/2005 - Clearblue +/- test -Good strong positive result again.

    So they really can be all over the place - and even if it is feint - You're still PG!!!! The feintest one I had was probably the one on the 7th of this month! the ultra early was pretty damn clear - but obv now the hormone is stronger it's a mega hello test fror clearblue, even at the end of the day!.

    Keep positive girls who get feint lines - I was 7 weeks PG when I got the feintest! :lol:

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