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Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by BlondeP, May 27, 2016.

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    So I've had a nightmare of a morning. Woke up to really bad pains in my side so popped to GO who then revered me to the EPAS at my local hospital. They have done some bloods, some prodding about etc and also an internal scan. After it all the doctor called me into a room and said that with the levels I have of HGC in my blood (1700 I think?) they expected to see more on the scan!

    Does anyone know if this is a bad sign or good and what to expect when I go back in two days time for more bloods? I'm very confused. They also said they can't rule eptopic out yet xxxxx
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    I was told by my local EPU when I had my MC that they can't see anything on a scan (internal) until hcg reaches 6000. I think this is for a yolk sac/fetal pole though. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Some women have high levels of hcg but aren't far enough to see anything on a scan.

    In 2 days time they expect you hcg to have at least doubled. If it's double they will assume the pregnancy is progressing zx

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    It seems like that is a common thing to say! I went at 7+6 and my HCG was 4000 they were surprised there was nothing to see on scan and made me hugely anxious querying ectopic.
    2nd HCG was 6600 and 2 nd scan 2 weeks later made me 6+6 so I was just too early on to see anything.
    I guess they have to prepare you for the worst but in my case all was well xx

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