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May 16, 2005
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Okay so Ive been watching Lost on channel 4 from the begining, and its been really anoying me that I was sure that I recognised the bloke that plays the character Jack. you know when you swear you have seen someone before but cant place them and its sooo fraustrating?!

Well I visited my brother the other day and he told me who it was, just incase anyone else here found him familiar. Did anyone used to watch Party of Five? well its the older brother Charlie!

Pointless post I know, that no one is interested in, just didnt know if anyone else recognised a familiar face.
Ooooh BTW I just ordered the full season of Lost on region 1 DVD from Cost me under £30 including shipping (get a good exchange rate on my Nationwide card), and should be here within a couple of weeks. The baby is due before the season will end over here and I can't possibly miss out on any episodes, so I thought DH and I could snuggle and watch a few episodes a week that way.
i have already got the whole series... watched it all the first week it was shown on tv here lol its only pre recorded from tv in USA.. getting series 2 in a few weeks too lol
I love it. If season 2 is out soon on DVD then I better get watching this season when it comes through.

BTW I am a Sawyer fan too, but don't tell my DH ;)
lol i wont.... cant say that about mine as he read the posts and will no doubt see one day lol

its not out on dvd... just get it pre recorded from usa tv and put on dvd.
Im enjoying the series but Im far more into JJ Abrams other series 'Alias' I love that program so much, have nearly finished watching season 3 and season 4 is avaliable in the states at the end of next month, so I will be getting that.
ive watched about 14 episodes of it so far oh downloaded it im not a jack or sawyer fan i love charlie lol cant wait to see what happens next i think im addicted :D :D
What, you mean Sawyers southern drawl doesn't get you going.....phwoar!!

Think I just found my pot noodle horn again girls! ;)

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