Bleeding. Thought i was loosing the baby, but thankfully ok.

Mar 9, 2005
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Ok girlies, bare with me, this is bit long winded but it may put some of your minds at rest...

This weekend has been horrible, one of the worst of my life. Firstly my hormones have all over the place and secondly i thought i'd lost my baby.

Saturday night me and boyfriend were out with another couple. I wasn't having fun, my clothes are begining to feel tight and uncomfortable and i'm still getting used to the whole no smoking/ drinking thing. I'm normally a really happy, bouncy girl but with the extreme tiredness and mood swings i was not enjoying myself. Having spent a good hour and a half pretending to smile and laugh at horrible micheal jackson jokes i couldn't take it anymore. The bar was packed out and it was SO smokie, some guy accidently threw his beer over my skirt and another (skinny) girl threw her jacket on top of me while i was sitting down. I had enough, i was going home i be miserable and sulk and eat ice cream. (While can i add my boyfriend continued to get increasingly drunk and slur his words)

I was pissed off. We (being my boyfriend and i) are so excited about the baby but i am finding the whole adjustment process difficlut. I sat at home waiting for my man to come home ( i was expecting him at midnight and by now it was 1am) he had forgotton his keys so i had to stay awake to let him in. He finally arrived and i gave him a right telling off. We brushed our teath and i went to the loo, only to find blood.

I screamed out to my man. he came in and inspected the blood. It wasn't alittle blood; it covered two sheets of loo paper. I can't really remember the next ten minutes i was crying alot and screaming. i really want this baby.We went straight to A+E. They were brilliant, the doctors put me onto a ward with-in minutes. The doctors said that i might have lost my baby and they needed to look at the neck of the womb (like a smear test) to see if it was open. I wasn't in any pain at all, alittle discomfort maybe.

I had already begin grieve. i was unable to stop crying. But then the docter said the opeing of the cervix was still closed, and the blood was dark brown and so i wasn't having a miscarriage. My baby was still there in one peice. The doctors took some blood for tests and sent me home. I felt so happy, so, so happy. i held my boyfriend so tight. This time i was crying with happiness. The docs said they would call me in the morning to confirm that the test results were all ok, i also have my first scan on monday. just to be certain that baby is good.

So we went home and hugged all night. Come the morning the phone rang, it was the hospital confirming that my hormones levels are fine and baby is ok. i still have the scan on monday but i'm looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to seeing tiny baby that worried me sick, i think it's going to be a little girl, they always are more worry.

So it can be normal and ok to bleed alittle during pregnancy. But if you do bleed, my advise is go to hospital and get it checked out. I know i have gone on a bit here but i thought it may put some of you girlies at peace if something similar happens to you....

Sarahjayne :p

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