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Aug 11, 2005
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I know from reading up that bleeding gums can be the norm during pregnancy, but mine have been getting progressivly worse in the last couple of weeks.

When I clean my teeth, the toothpaste I spit away is bright red. My gums also feel sore and swollen.

About an hour or so, a friend popped into the office to have a look at my scan picture, and while I was talking to her, she looked horrified and said my mouth was pouring with blood! :shock: I checked in my compact and my top gums were pouring and my teeth were pink! I could then really taste the blood.

I've got a checkup at the dentist booked for the 13th March, but I called them to ask for advice, and she sounded very concerned, and has booked me an emergency appointment for tomorrow morning! :shock:

A friend of mine lost her top front 6 teeth when she was pg with her son 8 years ago, they just fell out!!! I'm now worried I'm losing my teeth!!!!! :shock:

Isn't pregnancy fun? Just as you get over one worry (having the scan and everything confirmed to be okay), you have another!! :roll:
I have not experienced that yet but who knows.

Pregnancy is not all that great apart from my clothes not fitting, I have sore bbs all the time. Very very bad skin so many spots you cant even see my face. Plus i have thrush!!!

Oh and one other thing which will probably make you laugh although I did not at the time. I went through a stage of only being able to eat brown bread marmite sandwiches I had so many in two days i lost count. Anyway luckly I was off sick from work at the time with bad cold. I was sitting down eating another brown bread sandwich when I decided I needed to do a little fart! Big mistake followed through (did not even feel the need to poo). It was terrible have not done that since i was a kid.

Sorry might be TMI but thought I would share my horrible experience with you for a laugh at least.

Anyway dont get addicted to brown bread!!! If you do carry a spare pair of knickers!

P.S. Im not a stinker I dont usually do things like that!
Imwarr, I've just nearly PMSL!!!!!!!! (oh, that's another nice side-effect!!)

Thanks for giving me the best laugh of the day!!!! :lol: :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

OMG what a funny story.. I too love marmite brown sandwiches... will start carrying a spare pair of knickers just in case!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: :wink:

Tankett.. I too have sore gums and they bleed when I brush.. are you using a soft brush and not brushing as hard.. they told me to use floss more and brush less when i went to dentist recently......

good luck with your appointment!
Hi Tankett,

As you probably remember I have had the exact same thing throughout my pregnancy (still do) and some days my gums look really red all day! not nice.

I too went to the dentist to have it checked out as I really thought I had gum disease, luckly they confirmed all was fine and its perfectly normal during pregnancy. Oh the joys you learn as you go along :)

Good luck with the appointment hopefully your dentist can put your mind at rest.
hi tankett ive had same with gums bleeding but not quite as bad as that my dentist checked and teeth and gums were ok but ive got 3 monthly appointments with hygienist (sp) to keep eye on my gums during pregnancy and to keep teeth super clean to limit risk of infection where they are bleeding xxx
God Tankett you poor thing.
That sounds horrible. I too have had bleeding gums and also a soreness in my mouth generally around the inside of my upper lip area, if that makes sense! It was so sore and raw there on Saturday and my lips felt sore too.
All very strange.
Good luck at the dentist.
I've been to the dentist and I have gingivitis. :( I've got 2 bottles of the most foul mouthwash ever, and have to go back again in April unless it gets any worse. The dentist did say it was completely normal in pregnancy, but it needs treating nontheless, as if left untreated, my teeth could fall out! :shock: So I'm pleased I went!

I'm also pleased I went as I found out some fab news from the dentist. He is lovely and is really chatty and approachable. I has 2 boys (age 8 and 6) and they have been trying for a third for years. His wife had 3 m/c's and then last year had an eptopic pregnancy. Well, she is now due in a week!! He was beaming from ear to ear so that has definitely cheered me up for the day!! :D
Tankett - you made me laugh... you go the dentist and end up knowing all about his private life.... this is something my mum does.... in a taxi queue she could find out everyones name, bra size, and telephone number.....

You scared me with your tooth story... i called my dentist and made an appointment... They said tue 8.30 - i thought thats good - not long off! but then she said tue 7th march.... jesus!!!! i'd hate to have a tooth loose.... I've noticed slight blood when brushing... not every time just now and again! but i;ve laso heard about people loosing teeth whilst pregnant. That is my worst nitemare.... i spoke to the MD about it... she must have thought i was a vain cow!!! supposed to be there talking about the baby and i'm worried about my teeth...

I drink a pint of semi skimmed milk every day hoping to boost my calcium intake...

forgot to add....

i get quite a lot of small blobs of blood in my nose... if i blow it i get a small nose bleed... not pouring just a small amount of blood in the hanky... has anyone heard of loosing a nose during pregnancy?

tankett sorry about your visit to the dentist hope alls well soon hun xxx
hayley its quite normal hun to have nose bleeds during pregnancy not sure why i assume its down to hormones again but id worry if your nose starts to detach :lol: :lol: :lol: xxxx

Hayley, my nose is bleeding a bit too. I've only ever had one proper nose bleed in my life before (Ex-boyfriend punched me in the face!! :lol: he didn't do it on purpose - I don't think!) so it freaked me out a bit to begin with but every time I blow my nose there's blood, I think it might have something to do with the increrase of blood we have, could be wrong though.
I don't think its anything to worry about tho. unless like Rach said your nose starts to fall off, then i'd go and see a nose putter back on-er doctor!

I'm really worrying now about my teeth. I've had bleeding gums for ages & knew it happens in pregnancy so ignored it until I started to get tooth ache, saw my dentist last Mon. & he told my it dying, wishing I hadn't ignored it now. It's one of my front teeth, so going to look lovely if it falls out!! :(


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