Bleeding at 6 weeks

Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by Rachelc998, May 18, 2005.

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    May 18, 2005
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    Please can someone advise me. I am so nervous at the moment. I am six weeks pregnant and yesturday i was walking around town and thought that i was wetting myself but then i noticed that it was blood, i went into a pub that i was passing and convinced that i was having a miscarriage i got them to phone an ambulance and went straight to the toilet, my underwear was covered in blood but there were no clots. When i finally got to hospital they gave me an internal and said that the cervix was still closed which they said was good, and then i had a scan but at 6 weeks they said that they were very doubtful that they would see the baby as it would be too small, they found the pregnancy sac and the yolk sac and said it all looked fine then they took a blood sample and sent me home to rest. I have to go for another scan in a week and hopefully they will be able to see the baby then. Today i am only spotting and it is brown blood, there is hardly anything and when my boyfriend cooked some burgers for lunch i was nearly sick so i think that the morning sickness is about to start. Has anyone experienced this and are they still pregnant? I need to know if im losing this baby or not. I cant handle not knowing and this week before my next scan is going to be so hard. Please if anyone has gone through this please post a reply.
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    Apr 24, 2005
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    Hi :)

    I know that this is a really hard time for you - I've had spotting for nearly a fortnight now, red and brown blood. When they scanned me last Monday there was a healthy living baby in there. I was told I have a cervical erosion which could be causing the bleeding, but I am still concerned.

    Any sort of bleeding is really scary, DH keeps trying to console me by telling me of the women that have periods the whole way through etc. I think a small amount of blood is supposed to be nothing to be worried about and the fact that it has stopped now is a good sign.

    Keep your feet up, rest and try not too stress to much over the next week (hard I know, I can't :roll: ).

    Take care :)

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