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May 19, 2005
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sorry about this but i have to ask someone and id rather it be you lot than my midwife.

this past week i have noticed that "down there" has been very diffrent, i have been very wet and there is a distingt smell.

its getting worse, im showering twice a day but i still dont feel or smell clean :oops: :oops: :oops:

could it be coz i have been dilating slowly all week or maybe i have an infection?

did anyone else get this near teh end, or at there stage of pregnancy now.

again sorry, its way to much info i know and i do feel embrassed posting about it, but i didnt have it on my other two so im a bit worried.

wet as in discharge or just damp? if its discharge then could be an infection. If its damp then might be your waters but there not meant to smell are they? you might have to mention it when you go to hospital as if you have an infection they have to watch it doesnt pass on to baby when he is born.
its not discharge, wouldnt go as far to say it was damp either, its so hard to explain, its like im sweating but im not hot if that makes any sense?
I had this, I went into hospital to get it checked incase it was my waters. they said it was unlikely but wanted to check anyway.

Mine didnt smell though.

They didnt actually say what it was but it was detected that I had thrush.

You should mention it, as any infection needs to be treated with antibiotics during labour.

I had to have 2 drips during labour because I was carrying the 'strep b' virus.
(nothing to do with the above by the way!)
ok thanks guys, if i do go in today (which fingers crossed i will) i will mention it to them before they do anything.

i just hope its nothing that can stop the induction
I wouldnt have thought it would stop your induction.

As I said I was treated for thrush only a few days before and I had 'strep b' (could have caused Jack to have meningitus) and I was still induced!!!

Fingers crossed and Good Luck.
Lulu, how did they detect you had the virus, do they automatically test you for it when you go into labour or was it something they were aware of throughout your pregnancy? Sorry for the 40 questions but I have been reading up on the Strep B virus and it's so dangerous! :cry:
how did they detect you had the virus,

I had a swab done when I went into hospital to check about the 'wet' feeling. If I hadn't gone in to get it checked out they wouldnt have known.

I felt silly going in hospital to find nothing wrong but it turned out that it was a good job I did.

I had to have 2 lots of antibiotics over an 8 hour period. Its usually over a shorter period of time but Im allergic to penicillen and couldnt use the antibiotics they usually use!
Layla i've had the same thing, exactly the same. Went to hospital and now waiting for results from swabs, they seemed to reckon it's an infection, as soon as they know they'll give me antibiotics to treat it. Good luck in solving the mystery!! Midwife also said it could just be something totally unexplainable that us pregnant women get, that nobody ever knows about?? if you find out let me know hun.
good luck again

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