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Apr 21, 2005
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until last week i had been booked in to the local womens and childrens hospital to have my baby. I then went to MW who told me my platelets were low, and if they contined to drop i would not be able to have an epidural. which now makes the option of a water birth at the local midwife lead birthing centre sound more appealing.
Im just wondering if any of you are using birthing centres where there are ony MW and no consultants?
Im panicking a little at the thought that i may NOT be able to have an epidural, but the birthing centre offers a really relaxed 'home from home' atmosphere with lots of aromatherapy, water and all pain relief but epidurals.
Basically i would love a natural birth, but also want the option there if i need it.
can any one give me inspiration???!!! any advice??? any one had low platelets??
the rosie maternity in cambridge where i'm going is a midwife lead delivery unit attached to addenbrokes hospital. so not sure about the place ur going :)
I'm going to Stroud Maternity as I would rather be in a MLU now as well. It's really relaxing and so much better than the production line hospitals that they seem to have now. At first I wanted to go to somewhere where I can have all drugs but after going to the MLU and seeing it it's a much nicer environment. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I read again today that Active Birth Centres are by far the best option mum and baby. You will receive a lot more attention and guidance. I have chosen a midwife led practice - I won't have it any other way! Not one for intervention, although obstetrician will be on duty if need be.
The atmosphere at Birthing Centre is more relaxed and home from home. You'll be able to indulge in more natural options than what some hospitals have to offer!
Good luck with your decision!
Emilia xx
my advice is: don't stress about the pain!!! the state of mind you're in when you go into labour is half the work; a midwife confirmed this. and then if you believe in aromatherapy it does the magic! *though you may want tens before you hop into the pool...* :D

i'm going to the big maternity but having a waterbirth, with lovely music, lavender oils... and i pray to god i wont be that bad i'll beg for an epidural!

good luck and take care til then
pip (and I.E) xxx
Thanks for your thoughts!
Think im just a little scared/nervous!!! Its always really nice to have encouragement, it plants that thought that, yes, i can do this!
I think im going to go and have a look around the centre and have a further chat with the MW's and ask LOADS of questions!
I think that is the best thing you can do. I am a big believer in the calmer you are during labour the easier it will be. I have been told that when we are tense we have a surge of adrenaline that can slow down labour, and also we tense up all our muscles which can make labour more painful. Therefore I think it is very important that you feel very confident about where you give birth. I am going to my local midwife centre, I go there pretty regularly at the moment for classes, reflexology etc and have got to know quite a few of the midwives there and the building. I now feel like I am in a "safe" place when I visit, and feel very relaxed at the thought of going there for birth. They provide a lot of complementary therapies such as aromotherapy and reflexology and are very mother/baby orientated, after the birth I can have a bath with my baby, and they have the same principles I have about the cutting of the cord, the vit K injection etc. The atmosphere is very calm and for me that suits. However if you feel that you would be more comfortable knowing that there was a consultant or anaethetist available then perhaps a hospital birth may be better for you. Some people feel more confident knowing that the medical assistance is right there for them if they need it. Visit both options, ask all the questions and then follow your heart. Where you feel more relaxed will be the best place for you. xx

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