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    So annoyed as I'd typed nearly all the post and stupidly managed to delete it!! So here is the slightly shortened version :)

    I'm trying to write a brief outline birth plan just in case I manage to go into labour before the 10th of July when I have my c-section booked. And despite discussing it with the consultant yesterday there are still a few things concerning me. So a question for those of you who have had a vbac, did you have to have any of the following:

    1. continuous foetal monitoring either with the things around the belly or the clip on baby's head.

    2. Cannula or IV line put in 'just in case'

    3. advised to go to hospital early on in labour (before you get to 4cm) rather than stay at home

    Basically in an ideal world I'd love to try a water birth but consultant has said no as they would need to do constant monitoring of baby. I said that I wanted to try and stay as active as possible and really didn't want to be stuck on the bed on the monitor for hours on end. He said they would put a clip on baby's head so I could move about.

    So I'm keep to hear of any experiences of having a clip on baby's head as there are some horror stories (as always) on google.

    From my last pregnancy I also just remember being strapped to the machine and mw saying 'I'll pop back in 15 minutes' and then over an hour later they'd be back saying the trace wasn't god enough to stay on it a bit longer. And this went on forever!! I don't want them to use electronic or continuous monitoring as a substitute to good care where they would come and check regularly with a hand held doppler.

    As silly as is sounds part of me wants a c-section as I know what to expect with it rather than the uncertainty of a vaginal birth.

    Any comments greatly appreciated. xx

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