big for dates, having pains, no1 helping me


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Jun 9, 2005
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hi, Im 33 weeks pg and Im measuring about 4 weeks too big.

For the past 4 weeks Iv been having really bad tummy pains. They feel like bad period pains in my lower abdomen and back.

I get them about 2/3 times a day and they last for about an hour or so. Sometimes so bad I cant help but cry. Walking or doing housework makes them stronger and last longer.

If I take a long walk I can feel baby pulling down and I feel as tho I got to hold baby in.

Have told midwife and been up to hospital for a few checks when pain has been too much for me but no1 seems to be taking me seriously. Just told to get more rest.

These apins have now started coming during the night and are keeping me awake.

Should I insist on mid wife doing more checks, or are these pains just coz Im soooooo big?

I really need help and quickly!!!!!
Insist your midwife does some more checks and what not. Make sure you are not dialating.
i would get her to do more checks just to be safe,
on my son (second pregnancy) i had loads of pain from 30 weeks plus and like you, i was messureing very big, they carried on untill i just couldnt take it anymore so i insited the did something about it..

they took me in for a scan and said the baby was very big and it was just pressure pains i was having. when i went in to labour, it turns out he was avage size but i was full to the brim with water, which is what i think caused me so much pain in the last few weeks
is it possible you are having braxton hicks contractions? i never had them but my friend did and they were quite painful. generally they are the uterus doing "practice" contractions and are quite common. they tend to get stronger nearer the end of pregnancy.
hi im 33 weeks and i have been having the same problems as you but my little one is only 2 weeks biger than she should be my mid wife told me it was caused buy the baby been long and she is head down and she keeps pushing agenst my pelvis and causing the pain if you dont get any answers from your midwife ask to see a difrent one and see what she has to say but dont worie as every thing is usualy fine take care and good luck xxx

im measuring 4 weeks bigger as well, im also suffering with alot pain. been for checks but they said baby is fine, just cant wait to give birth, and let daddy carry her around for a change lol

hope you feel better
I keep reading a lot of posts about baby measuring too big and being kept up all night in pain...And I was just wondering if they do a sugar test on pg women there?...I know different countries have different standards...
But gestational diabetes is known to make the baby larger...And I was very sick and in pain the last few days...Came to find out my sugar was through the roof...I dont know how high sugar will make you crampy (I felt like I was having contractions and had really bad back pain that kept me up all night) but my Dr called and told me NO sugar...I was drinking alot of koolaid everyday which is pretty much sugar water!...Well it's been 2 days with no koolaid and watching my sugar intake and I feel like new again...After I "flushed" out my system I feel great now...Maybe you can try to avoid sugars (candy,koolaid,soda (diet is OK)..etc) for a few days and see if you feel better...If you do I would definately bring it up with the dr...Diabetes is dangerous to the baby if left untreated...Hope this helps...
Yes they do I'm pretty sure- everytime you go and see your midwife- which is quite often (though perhaps differs from County to County I'm not sure). I've seen gestational diabetes mentioned in a lot of the free literature that you get over here too.

I was just wondering because my OB was not checking my urine at each visit and I found out about my sugar from my family dr...So as long as they are getting urine samples at each visit they are most likely screening it for sugar...
hello there, i just read your post and i have been having very similar pains for the last 4 weeks.
i am 33 weeks now, but at 29/30 i was admitted into hospital with possible early labour - it wasn't!
they said it was lignament pain and i was refered to a physio who has given me some exercices to do and a huge tubi grip that goes all the way from under my panys to under my bra, it is the most lovely relief, i can actually go for little walk now without being in pain :D
i still have pains at night sometimes (more at night than during the day)
and it really is horrible, i found a hot water bottle is really soothing (probably not the best in this weather but hey!) but they have calmed down quite a lot and are not as severe.
maybe have a chat with your m/w to see if she can get you one of these tubi grips...
good luck xxx
You know that advice they gave you about getting more really works you know. It is perhaps your body's way of telling you to slow down. I have had similar pains since around the same time and been referred to a physio who checked and ruled out SPD. When I really rest the pains go away and they come back with a vengeance if I do too much. Like you say, you could cry sometimes. Nothing works better than rest. GOOD LUCK!

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