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    Hi all i had a positive test on the 3 July two days later I started bleeding but it was just like a regular period for me lasted 4 days no painful cramps and not too heavy then after this my test was negative so after it had stopped I never had another bleed continued ttc I never had a bleed since July so I took a clear blue digital test on the 20/9 and it flashed up pregnant 1-2 weeks I went to visit my midwife on the 23/9 to complete my booking forms and book me for a dating scan she said it sounds like July was a chemical and then you had your period on the 5th July so we will put that you are 11 weeks.
    My question is has anybody else had a clear blue weeks indicator be so wrong?
    Thanks for reading have a nice day xx
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    Once you're past 7-8 weeks pregnancy tests are not reliable due to the high hcg level. Don't worry just go with the flow until you get your dating scan.
    Congratulations xx

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