BFN or not BFN??


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Apr 14, 2005
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I am currently 5 days over due for my af with still no sign of it coming. I have tested twice now with the Predictor tests - how accurate are these tests?? - and both say BFN. I have cramps, bloating, feeling sick and tearful which I assume could be pg symptoms or withdrawel feelings from the pill (came off it mid feb) but I was just wondering if anyone had tested negitive before and than found out they were pg later.

Regards Sheree
i'm still in the same boat. getting sick of waiting now. let me know when you have some news!!

i thought i was pg last week because i was feeling different I'm not sure now, my stomach doesn't feel heay and uncomfortable anymore. sick of waiting :roll:

Nice to here from you - let me know what happens? Have you tested again yet???

I am still waiting for me - 10 days tomorrow - i went to have a blood test this morning and they were hoping to give me the results this evening but unfortunately didn't come through quick enough. i will hopefully find out tomorrow - trying not to get my hopes up so i am not too disappointed. I keep thinking it is all to do with the bcp!!!!

I really hope you get the result you are after!!

That's what i'm telling myself too. I just feel all to pot.

I tested tonight but still BFN.

have you had anything weird going on with your CM?? I just started a thread about it because that it confusing me also.

Vicky xx

Ive had 3 BFN and my AF is nearly 2 weeks late. Went to the doctors to get a blood test but the receptionist said id need to leave a urine sample, so i did but its gonna 3 days to got the result! ARGH!! So roll on Thrusday afternoon!

I try to moniter my CM all the time but it always seems to be creamy not EWCM!


Baby dust to all :)

Amy xxxxxxxx
Hi Shez.
I am currently 8wks and 3days preg. I took a test when my period was 5 days late and it tested neg, this happeneed twice. I went to the docs and there was no explaination to this mysterious event, The doc took a blood test and like i thort it would be posotive and i was right. So go to the docs honey it will be a big weight off your mind x
Hello all,

:( Why wouldnt my docs give me a blood test? I have to do a urine sample which will take 3 days till i get a result!!!!! :(

baby dust to all

Impatient Amy xxx
Hi all,

Well got the results of the blood test - negative. I was gutted but had a feeling deep down that i wasn't anyway, i guess bcp is just playing havoc with my cycles. Guess its just a waiting game now for af to show - i'm on holiday shortly so I'm sure she'll show then.

Good luck Amy, let us know what your results are. I also had to do a urine test and a blood test but that was mainly because the doctor supected i also had a water infections which seems to have settled down now.

Amy, i was impatient as well and rang the doctors umteen times for my results and in the end i called into the surgery on the way home but at least i know that it all falls down to coming off the pill now. How long is it before it finally gets out of your system and everything gets back to normal??

So do you think all of the symptoms we have been experiencing are more common than the doctor initially thought??

They don't exactly warn you that you're body could self destruct when you come off the pill!!

Amy let us know as soon as you hear anything. Hope you get BFP!

Vicky xx
Hi All,

I came off the bcp in early january and have been ttc since. A friend at work who is 7 1/2 months pregnant was told women are most fertile as soon as they come off the bcp then the fertile period decreases over the next 3 months. So i guess its just a matter of waiting and having fun trying at the same time!

Dont be too down about the bfn shez :wink: your time will come. Im hoping mine will be soon.

Will keep you informed.

:cry: :cry: :cry: big fat useless stupid negative! i dont understand af is nearly 2 weeks late. im gonna have to book an appointment at the docs to see why im so late. Its probably just the bcp causing havoc with my body.

Sorry to here you got a BFN too. Its really disappointing aint it.

I feel a little better today. At least I know its all down to coming of the bcp - just waiting (impatiently) now for af to show - wish it would hurry up so i can start checking dates again afterwards.

I now have gone through the constant testing last month and then the doctors this month, so i think i am just going to let nature take its course and enjoy bd in the process. I certainly won't jump the gun anymore as i get my hopes up too much.

Take care
Hi Shez,
Im just a bit worried about where af is. I think ill take a page out of your book and just stop stressing about hpt and bfp and enjoy the process instead! :lol:

Take care


Well still waiting for my af - now on CD51. Getting rather fed up now wondering where she's gone!!


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