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Jun 14, 2005
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Just thought I would let you know I am well chuffed as Dominic is now only waking up for one feed during the night and basically sleeping through from 7pm to 7am.

I feed Dominic at 10.30pm when I am going to bed, then I only had to wake up once to feed during the night.

I do find waking up at 6.30am - 7am hard though and Dominic is awake for most of the day so that can be draining.

I do not cope well with sleep deprivation - good to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel though - and only took a few weeks!

hey thats good news minikins, im doing pretty muuch the same, feeding Jamie at 10.30-11ish when i go to bed and he usually only wakes up once or twice , like you said thou waking up at 6.30 is totally draining!!
Thats brilliant news! It made very reassuring reading!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Well done you!

Did it happen by accident or did you have to work at creating the routine?
well done! Ewan is staying awake till 10pm probably my own fault for not taking him upstairs till 8pm.
but he seems to want to feed all the time from about 6pm which can be very tiring.
generally he feeds 6pm 7.30pm 9pm then has a last feed around 10 11pm which wil last him till about 3-4am then till 6-7am is very draining, and he is staying awake most of the day whoch means i can't catch up on my sleep - though he has slept alot today which probably means i'm in for a bad night.
Am breast feeding which is quite tiring at the best of times - but seems to be going ok.
he will be 6 weeks soon on monday
God I am soooo jealous!
My little bub (who is rapidly becoming a very big bub!) feeds every couple of hours during the day, and then at night he goes down about 9pm after approx 2 hrs of crying and then wakes up again at approx 11pm, 1.30, 3.30, 5am, and 6am.
My eyeballs are hanging out on stalks and my husband can't understand why I'm such a grouch bag!!! :roll: (He has a unique knack of staying asleep through the crying, how does that work? Does he have invisible ear plugs or is it a 'man thing'?!)
i can sympathise, I've been trying to put Ewan down since 7 pm tonight and he is upstairs crying, every time i put him down he crys, Hubby says to leave him and let him cry him self to sleep, but i feel like such a bad mum if i let him cry. Some night no matter how long i pat him and rub him on his back he won't bring up any wind, but i can feel it all in his bloated little stomach - have found that i have fruit juice or orange it gives him a really bad tum and wind.
I tried using dentinox drop but they taste foul and make him scream due to the taste - gripe water works well.
I'm glad i'm not the only one with a baby that ffeds every hour in the evening - it makes my boobs so sore! :oops: :shock:
Hello fellow sleep deprived ladies :(
I have made an important discovery - its called Colief from Boots, its a tiny bottle and you put a couple of drops in with their bottle (sorry anyone who's breastfeeding I don't know if you can use it another way?) but it helps baby to break down the contents of the powdered milk and has dramatically reduced my baby's screaming time in the evening!! Not saying its a miracle cure but worth a try especially you Kayl. Are you waking the baby for feeds or feeding on demand? Just thinking if you are waking her then maybe she aint' that hungry and thats why she only taking small bits at a time?
Its very hard isn't it I agree what a stressful time - I love him to bits but have never felt so drained in my life. The problem is the less sleep you get the harder it is to cope with!!
Ah well things can only get better thats what I reckon. Perhaps they'll suprise us all and start sleeping through the night from tonight!!! :D
I was jinxed doing this thread as lately I have had a few crap nights due to little man's colic - serves me right!

Also I swaddle him and I am sure that has helped me keep him asleep longer so last night and the night before I experimented by putting him to sleep not swaddled, it took him longer to get off at 7pm and then he kept waking up early through the night.

My baby is definately a baby who finds comfort and better sleep by swaddling. Some babies like it some do not. It helps stop his startle reflex as that scares him and then wakes him up!

Any of you guys swaddle? It might help. Anything is worth a go.


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