Best early testing kit??


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Aug 11, 2005
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Has anyone got any opinions on the best early testing kit?

My AF is due Sunday, and I have one First Response left from last month. I know it says that it can detect the hormones 4 days before AF is due, but I'm going to try to leave testing till Friday.

Who am I kidding!!! You know I'm gonna be on here first thing tomorrow morning telling you all I've took the test, I'm just so impatient! :eek: :lol: :? :cry: (I'm hedging my bets with the smilies!!)

But just in case it is a BFN, are there any others that have worked early for other people???
hi tankett i used the first response early one and got a bfn and now waiting for af and still hoping it dont come lol am due friday
have heard that asdas own and boots own are better than first response so have bought asdas own but too nervous to use them yet think am going to wait to see if af comes friday if not will test again on sat. :?

make sure u come on as soon as u tested and let us all know hun ive got everything crossed for you i really hope u get a BFP :D
Thanks Rach. Good luck to you too.
I think I might have to test tomorrow morning, and if/when I get a BFN, I'll nip to Boots on the way home. I'll be on here first thing tomorrow morning to let you know.

Lots of luck for tomorrow Tankett - any early symptoms do you think?? I hope you get your bfp, fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you. I agree with Rach, have heard good reports about the Asda tests, they are a bit cheaper than the others as well. :lol:
I have managed (don't know how!!) to delay testing until tomorrow morning, so no news yet.
I had a dream last night that it was a BFN, so thought I'd give it another day or so. I'l let you know tomorrow.
i dont blame u tankett hun hang on as long as u can :)
got everything crossed for u xxxxx
Hi Tankett, just in case you don't see my other reply would definately recommend Boots own preg tests. Figers crossed you get the result you want and can join me in very early stages. Angie xx
Thanks. I've just been talking to someone in the chat room who's first response showed a BFP 4 days before AF, so think I'm going to have to test tomorrow.
If BFN, I'll definitely try Boots or Asda.
I had also noticed that there a loads of pg ladies on here at aroun 15-18 weeks, so it would be great to find someone at about the same stage!!
Hi Tankett

Good luck with the testing. I'm not due to test a week sat but I know this time next week i'll be desperate to test. I'm gonna try and leave it till Sunday which is one day over... i'm gonna try - that's all i'm saying!

I'll be the same stage as you... so we can go through constipation, back ache, wanting to eat everything and generaly just moaning together!!!!!! i'm looking forward to it.

Husband said i looked pregnant this morning - nearly threw my shoe at him... if i am i'll only be a few days!!!!!!! what basically he was saying i'm putting weight on! MEN
Hi Tankett,

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please let us know how you get on, keeping everything crossed for you xxxxxxxxx
good luck tankett hun everything crossed xxxxxxxxx
Not good news, BFN at 6 oclock this morning. Really struggled to get myself motivated for work after.
And the DH was still asleep, and when I woke him up to tell him, his response was 'oh dear', and he then rolled over and went back to sleep!
Bloody insensitive men eh!!!!
I'm trying to stay positive. Still 3 days till AF is due, no symptoms yet, so I'm nipping to ASDA on the way home to buy more kits. And if it's not this month, well, there's always next month.....
awww keep your chin up hun like i said in a previous post a few ppl on here found first response to be no good give it another 2 or 3 days and test again big hugs to u xxxxxxxxxxx
Don't give up hope Tankett - it's still early days! Good luck re-testing a few days...

I really feel for you when you tested this morning. It's a horrible feeling when your don't get the result your hoping for. But it's still early day...

That's why God chose us and not men to carry babies......
Leigh Sless is the first to get her BFP in our "I WILL GET PREGNANT THIS MONTH" group - hope your gonna be the second.... i wont be long behind you! I'm not testing for another 9 to 11 days - see how long I can hold out!
I've just had a really good chat with a friend at work who's 11 weeks pg, and I feel much better now.
Basically, my situation is a bit more complicated than some of you who have come off the pill. I was on the pill before I had my 12 year old daughter and was regular as clockwork 28 days. But my body changed after I had her, and cycles could go anything from 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, to nothing for 35 days. I had a coil fitted about 10 years ago, and it was one that released a small amount of hormone into the womb every month. Basically, I still ovulated as normal, but the hormone stopped the lining of the womb thickening, so no implantation could take place. And because there was no thickening, there was no shedding, so no AF. I had the coil removed on the 13th July, and had no idea where I was in my cycle. The gp had said that if we had BD anytime at all in the week leading up to the removal, there was a chance I could get pg straight away. Anyway, didn't happen and AF appeared on the 28th July. I started using ovulation sticks immediatley after AF stopped as I had no idea how long my cycle was and got 2 blue lines on the 12th August. We BD all weekend!! So the way I was looking at it was: 14 days from the 14th August would be the day AF was due (28th August), but reading on here some posts, this can be anything up to 16. So it may just be too early to test....
Also, the First Response test says it works for 68% 4 days before, 83% 3 days before, and 93% 2 days and 1 day before. So I may just be in the smaller percentage that it doesn't work for...
I'm trying my hardest to keep my hopes up. I'll keep you posted.

Oh, and loads of congratulations to Leigh Sless. Hope there are more of us to join you. xxxxx

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