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Apr 5, 2005
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Aimée's belly button just won't heal. She is 5 weeks old today and she has a pink lump poking up from botton of her belly button and brown sticky stuff coming out of it all the time. Hv said she was going to sort out some silver nitrate to dry it up but she hasn't sorted it yet and that was 2 days ago. Anyone else expierenced this and know what to do cos I don't. Do you think I should contact GP or will it heal on its own. Thanks
Hi Kwain

Maddie had the same thing. The doctor said it was too big to use silver nitrate so she wrote to the hospital to get an appointment to have it cortorised (spelling???)

Anyway 2 weeks later (Maddie was 8 weeks) it had dried up on it's own, and a couple of weeks after that the scab finally dropped off (that was last week at 10 weeks). I still haven't heard from the hospital regarding an appointment :shock: .

So it will probably eventually heal on it's own. It's just that while it's still sticky there is a greater risk of infection and you have to keep it really clean.

Hope this helps

Decided to ring my GP and he said it sounds like an umbilical granuloma and I have got an appointment to see him tomorrow. Think I would have just left it to dry up but I wanted to get it checked out and it seems to be getting bigger. Also she is off her food so I'm hoping its not the start of an infection.
Good memory Elaine!

Yes jamies belly botton was really mucky for weeks, i showed the HV and she said it was a unbilcal granuloma. It had like a pink stork poking out and his vest would get sticky/mucky from it.
HV said sometimes they heal on there own but i would probley need to go and see the GP as they use silver nitrate which may not work on the first attempt so would have to go back a 2nd time.

Anyway i ended up not having to go to the docs as i started cleaning his belly button with salt water. Worked absolutely wonders, all the gunk and muck totally came away after 2 days and it completely healed up!

So i would recommend doing this for a few days and if it still hasnt cleared up then take her to the docs!

Hope it heals soon, let us know how you get on!

Steph x
Yeah thats the exact same thing, I have to keep changing her vest to cos its all covered in scabs and sticky stuff. Not very nice! Never thought of salt water but I think I'll try that straight away. Thanks for the tip.
How is her belly button looking now Kwain?? Did the salt water help??
have been using the salt water but there hasn't been any change yet. I missed my appointment yesterday with the GP (still not got brain back! Lol) so I've got another one for monday if theres still no change. Thanks for asking.

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