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Jun 15, 2005
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Hi all, Hopefully this is the right place to post this.

I am now 9 days overdue and am booked in to be induced on Thursday evening. I was just wondering if any of you new Mums that had been induced could share your stories/good experiences.

I know what to expect from when I go in and being monitored then having the first pessary, and also if nothing happens you have the next pessary the next morning. I also know that ti can be quite an intense labour, but that doesnt bother me.

I would like to know your experiences of when you did go into labour at what point did they call your DH/partner to come back into hospital with you??? did you get to spend a lot of time with your partner in early labour?? if nothing happened after the first pessary and you had to have the next one the following day, did they allow your partner to come back in and wait with you?? or did he has to stick to visiting hours?? did you get to move around much once the contractions did start, as I really want to be a mobile as possible throughout.

I was booked in for a water birth at a midwife centre, and knew my DH could be with me throughout the whole leading upto and labour process, im really not sure about this for being induced.

sorry such a long post but you dont realise how many questions you have until you start typing.
You are allowed to move around after you have had the pessery in for 1 hour to give it time to work. My dh came in with me when i went in and was allowed to stay with me. Once i had the pessary in i started very quick and was 5cm in about 1 hour so he never got chance to go home but i think he would have been allowed to stay as long as something was happening!
I went in at 8.30 in the morning (having Amy not Jack) but because i had high BP they did the induction on delivery suite, Andy was allowed to stay with me through the whole thing. If i was to be induced on the ward at night then Andy would have had to go home.

First pessery started things off but they gave me a 2nd one to hurry things on bit. i lasted on gas and air til they broke my waters cos i wouldn't dilate from 2cm's, then i went to 9cm's in an hour!! so i had pethadine, bouncing on my birthing ball.

The whole experience to me was fine, it's the aftermath of birth i have problems with.

Hope it goes ok for you hun, if you don't go in on your own :D

You have asked the questions that I was wondering about!!

But I am nearly crying thinking about been left in the hospital without my OH!!!

I dont want to be on my own!!


I went to the ward to be induced but because I was having mild contractions when I got there they wouldn't give me the pessary so said they wanted me to stay over night and see what happened. I told them there was no way I was staying in that hospital without my partner whilst having mild contractions so they allowed me home to go to bed and see what happened. Think I stayed at home till about 4am and then went back to the hospital because my contractions were 3 mins apart. Well they drifted off and starting lasting about 20 seconds so did nothing. Got left too it on delivery suite for a day before they decided to put me on the drip by this time I was 14 days overdue and my waters had been leaking for nearly 2 days (they didn't believe that my waters were leaking but that's another story) drip got me to 4cm and then nothing so had a c section.
Thanks ladies for your replies. I feel better about it now, guess its a case of what will be will be on the day.

Strangeness, I think i too would have insisted on going home aswell!.

I went in at 830am and i was ont he drip my waters had already broken but only got up to 5cm then they increased it soon after they broke my waters again and then thing sreally speed up.
umm my oh was there for teh whole thing.
I wasnt allowed off the bed but thats prob cuz i had the IV in.
Hope you have all your questions answered and try and not worry at least you know your baby will come very soon.
First time around I had the pessary and straight away went to 5 mins apart. They all told me I would have my baby really quickly. However I got stuck at 3cms for hours!
It was very intense and painful, especially when they give you a drip, so be prepared!
This time around they broke my waters to start me off as when they examined me I was akready 3cms, so no need for the pessary.
However, nothing really happened so I had the drip and went from 5 cms to 10 in anout 40 mins!
One downside of being induced is, you will probably be monitored a lot, but do try and stay midwife let me be monitored while in a rocking chair which was great.

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