Being emotional again?


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Apr 25, 2005
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I have been very emotional the first 3 months of my pregnancy then I had the happy hormones kicking which was great!!! But this week, I found myself emotional again!! I argue a lot with my b/f, am going away this week end otherwise I think i will turn mad and really do/say something I could regret later on. I was driving to work this morning and suddenly I could feel tears coming without any reasons. I have cried ( and they are big cries!!! Me who hardly cry at all it is surprising) 3 times since monday and I get angry very very easily....
Is there anybody who is getting emotional again? I hope it won't last because it is not very nice. My b/f said he can't wait for me to give birth to come back to normal. I am so nasty towards him at the moment it is unbeleivable!!!


I don't know about emotional 'again' it seems never to have left. In fact as each day goes by it seems to get worse. I cry over everything- sad, romantic, happy. Even that Home Edition makeover program makes me howl and as for childbirth programs.......
I'm not bad tempered but i am a snivelling wreck and it's getting embarrassing. But ever so slightly less so than my belching problem (unstoppable and without warning and at work).
Oh it's all good fun isn't it?

Don't stress about it it will make it worse (I am a wonman of experience here having cried over the fact I keep crying :roll: )

Take care
I wish I was more hormonal!

I am actually quite looking forward to having a damn good cry over nothing.

My scan is tomorrow and I will probably cry all the way though and all the way home.

A good cry does you good!
I cry over everything, before i was pregnant i was emotional even the simpsons could make me cry, but now, im kjus a wreck, lol. :lol:

I get angry very easily as well, whic againe before i was prgnant i did, well i am a red head wot u expect, lol. but now i mean i get angry, went to the pub for a coke with the girls and felt like beatin evryone up, and keep shoutin at everyone, its really funny cos they all say ah ignore her, its her hormones they are evrywhere, then i start screaming it aint my hormones its u, blah blah bah. U get the picture dont u, lol. I feel stupid after tho, but am to stubor to apoligise.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

bec x x
Hi futuremum, I know what you mean, I thought I was over the mad emotional hormones but last week I was a real nightmare, crying loads, taking everything OH said the wrong way and argueing loads. I have come to the conclusion that Im worse when the weather is hot?!?!
I don't know if its just the heat making me more irratable and run down, cause I end up feeling lethargic and really drained and I just feel like I cant cope and I dont sleep very well. But I know a lot of people were more grumpy last week when we had the heatwave so perhaps it does make a difference?

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