Before and after cleanse semen results


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Jul 10, 2010
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Ok, just got our "before cleanse" semen analysis results.

Just to recap the cleanse includes everything that should improve count - no caffeine, strong antioxidants, no radiation, no heat, well controlled blood sugar, no groin pressure, etc.

We had to go to a dodgy clinic to get a test without a referral so we wasn't impressed with the unit and the results are very basic so we'll try a different one next time. The brackets are the minimum limits.


Volume - 2.3ml (1.5)
Count/ml - 1.2 MIL (15)
Progressive motility - 3% (32)
Rapid motility - 0% (20)
Total motile count = 82,800 (12,000,000)
Normal forms = 2% (30)
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:eh: I'm sure that makes perfect sense to u being educated and all, I on the other hand am baffled :hug: x
Am I right in thinking they are moving but not rapidly? So they are alive? So one could make a baby? x
Hi Lou,

Are those results similar to your previous ones?

Also Hun, did the lab select the better sperm when they did the ICSI or was it random?

This may be a stupid question but did why won't IUI of IVF work for you, I'm not saying it would just wondering why if you know what I mean...

Oh sorry lol I guess it would make more sense when i have something to compare it to :) You could just hopefully see if the numbers were bigger.

Hmm, lets see...

Volume = the amount of liquid including sperm that comes out.
Count = the number of sperm cells within the liquid.
Progressive Motility = how many are moving forward instead of moving in circles or not moving at all.
Rapid Motility = normal movement. Forward and quickly.
Total Motile Count = the total number of sperm cells that are moving forward.
Normal Forms = how many have a normal shape.

So, my hubby has only approx 1656 normal shaped sperm cells, but none of them are moving fast :(

Did that help? :eh:
Maybe, these results are actually worse than the ones on the day of my egg collection :(

They should definitely have been selecting the best sperm when we had ICSI but on reflection, finding the 1656 sperm cells that are only 1mm big amoungst 1,200,000 is a bit like a needle in a haystack...

Not that i'm making excuses for them.

Have you ever watched that programme called The Great Sperm Race? It might help you understand the whole numbers thing.

The sperm are foreign and our bodies try to kill them so their only strength is in their numbers. Even putting the sperm directly into my uterus would expose them to massive amounts of antibodies that will eat them all up.

Even for IVF they want 1MIL decent sperm per egg for a chance of success.

For IUI they would want more like 15MIL per attempt which is way out of our means.
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Hi Lou,

I've watched that it was good, I just didn't know the requirements for IVF etc.

You know it is possible for an abnormal sperm to produce a normal embryo.

Also you know the abnormal sperm amount is that taken from the total count or the total of the non motile/dead ones?

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Thanks for the link Maybe, very interesting :) Although it's going to bug the hell out of me because i can't find the prodeedure anywhere or what it's called and the link was 2000 :eh:

It's never been mentioned as an option to do the sample 24 hours before EC. Not heard of it anywhere unless it falls into immunolgy? Plus you shouldn't find many immature sperm in a typical sample.

Yeah, that's why we are up shit creek because we couldn't even get fertilisation even though abnormal ones should still be able to do it :(

I assume all the stats relate to the total number of sperm cells in the sample, dead and alive, but the thing is that there is nothing to indicate that all the abnormal ones are the dead ones so you have to look at it overall.
Hiya Maybe, yes i was already aware of TESE but not that they could tinker with the immature sperm cells to make only the good ones grow.

I'm going to have to phone up the clinic tomorrow and see why they haven't offered it as a suggestion if it appies to our situation xx
Oooh, Good luck with that Lou, I'll look out for your update! :):)


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