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Apr 14, 2005
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I am 4-5 days late for Af and my bbs feel really heavy, achy with sharp pains sometimes. They've never really given me as much gip as they are doing at the moment. I also feel very hot and bloated a lot of the time. As anyone else had these symptoms.?
Yes they very well could be signs! Those symptoms are quite common. Have you tested yet?? Let us know

Good Luck!

xoxo Ree
I remember that being a symptom for me, good luck testing!!
Wow Shez, how have you not tested yet???

You're stronger than I am!

Good luck, and let us know.

I tested day after af but I know wish i'd dont it first thing in the morning but i didn't so i'm hoping it was too early with not enough hcg. I am now nearly a week late. My bbs have not been as bad today but i have been really bloated - look like a barrel.

DH has also banned all HPTs from the house at the moment as i was getting obsessed with testing last few months and then always disappointed. So I've agreed to wait some time yet before i test and that he is the one to buy it - hopefully it will bring me luck.

Baby dust to all of us.
Love Sheree xx
omg your strong!

i would be sneaking down to teh chenist and getting a test! lol

hope you get the result you want

I was wondering if dryness is a symptom. I bled after bd the other night (sorry tmi) which i've never done before and actually thought she was on her way but nothing afterwards. Otherwise i think it was DH getting a little too excited!!!

Take care
Sheree xx
That I am not sure about. Have you tested yet?

xoxo Ree
sounds promising good luck hun xxx
Well ladies, I went to asda and while we were there we decided to get a test. Just done it but it was yet another BFN. I'm 6 days late so i should think it would have given me an acurate result now. I guess its just waiting for af to turn up now. Can't say i'm not disappointed though as i thought this month would be it. I thought af's were starting to get regular again but obviously not. Onto month 7 now i suppose.

How long was it before you all got BFP?

Take care
I'm sorry about your BFN! You never know tho it maybe to early, when I was pregnant with my third child, I was 6 weeks late before I got a BFP! So you just never know. Fingers are crossed for you! :D

xoxo Ree

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