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Oct 19, 2005
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lt has probably been mentioned once or twice before but l thought l would give it a shot anyway, but has anyone got any ldea what can ease backache? lve tried sitting more upright, but that just makes things worse and have been stuffing pillows behind me when sat down. My OH rubs my back,.... still does not really help but bless him for trying. ls a real pain in the back,.. pardon the pun!

Heeelp!! :cry:
Same prob - nightmare to get comfy in bed and I'm like an old woman trying to get up from sofa!!! Have been going for massage once a week. Has helped a little, but I guess this is one of those things. If it gets really bad - get referred to chiropractor.
I have sciatica aswell - so pain in back and bum!!!!
Emilia xx :?
Thanks for the tip, Emilia. May try a chiropractor if it drives me crazy. How much do they charge? Am new to all this as l am a first time mum (almost 23 weeks)......the aches and pains we have to go through and men get away with it all scot free!! Although my OH has been really helpful and understanding. They do have some good points!!!!! :wink:

I've had a bad back for years since some arse drove his car into the back of mine! and i've tried everything going. The chiropractor was by far the best but i'm afraid they are expensive, where I went it was about £25 for a 10/15min sesh, luckily I didn't worry about the cost coz I got it all back from his insurance.

Talk to your midwife about it. When I told her I was prone to bad backs (sometimes it's fine, others hurts like hell) she said to let her know espec. in the later stages coz I would be able to have phsyio on the NHS.

I know what you mean about these men. Why do we have to go through it all? Mind you I don't think the average man would be able to cope, my hubby thinks he's dying if he sneezes more than twice in a row!! :lol:

Good luck with your back & hope it gets better soon. Keep us posted.

Nicki.x :D
Hello ladies,

I too suffer from a bad back and have done since before being PG.
I started going to a Pilates class about a year and a half ago and that really helped. I've now bought a Pilates in Pregnancy DVD and although a bit boring it really does help to keep my backache at bay.

I get backach a lot now pregnant. My midwife told me it was because my bones and muscles are soft and relaxed. Never got any tips on how to handle the pain though - so I shall soldier on.
Hello Fluffybunny...
You may be able to get a referral through your GP, but you know what, even if you can afford yourself the one session at your own expense, you'll feel a difference. I'm not sure what they charge in UK. Treatments here are relatively cheaper than UK.
The first session I had, the disks in my back jumped back into place with almighty bangs!! Have to be careful now and trying hard to watch my posture!!!! If you have a yoga class nearby - ask the person just to show you the 2 excercises for back stretching. You're on all fours with both - 1 with your back arched and head pulled in towards your chest and the other one with your back sunken in towards floor and your head back up towards ceiling. Your hands must be directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips. This gives you some idea, but see if someone professional can show you the way. It'll make things much better for you.... no more tears!!! :)
Good luck and keep me posted!
Emilia xxx
Hey girls,......

Thanks for the advice Emilia, am trying to not to spend too much money if possible. But your advice for excercises for the back stretching l may give a go. Sounds like it may do the trick, cheers!

Niki, will mention to the midwife about my back when l see her next, if it becomes unbearable then will talk to her sooner,.... Yup, men exaggerate sneezes, colds! the slightest thing and thats it,..... they have 'flu' lol!!

Do you have to pay for the pilates classes at all Alison?.... Yeah l know, l sound like a right cheapscate, but then why pay for things if it can be done for free!! Cd does sound a good ldea though, thanks.

Thanks everyone for the advice, anymore advice anyone has to share will be fab

Fluffy. xx :lol:
I have been suffering from really back back pain also since pregnant, I dont think my lack of height is helping too much! The shorter you are the bigger your belly gets cause there is no where else for it to go! And for that its harder to keep good posture! You cant win but you wouldnt change it for the World!

I am a reiki Master and have found that Reiki treatments have helped although I cant do much for myself since my arms arent reaching many places on their own. I lie on a hard floor flat on my back and my spine seems to click back into place. Uncomfortable at first but worth it.

Another bit of advice a another Mum gave me is to kneel on all fours like a car and it takes the wait off your belly which causes a lot of the back pain to start with. Apparently this is more helpful the further on you are!

Hopefully these ideas help someone aswell as me!
My first tip is exercise, namely pilates or swimming. (I'm sure this has helped me)

2nd point is to make sure you have a good selection of pillows in bed. A wedge type pillow to help suuport your bump and one between your thighs to support your pelvis.

Another tip is to wrap yourself in cotton wool a lot more. And Being really careful with housework, and making sure you crouch down at the knees instead of bending over when you pick something up.

I'm sure that all these things are preventing me getting back ache so far.

After that the next step is the support belt or the belly bra for lifting the weight off your back and pelvis. I haven't had to try this yet, but I'm sure I will soon

Hope this helps
I dont think my lack of height is helping too much! The shorter you are the bigger your belly gets cause there is no where else for it to go!
i'll agree with that! i'm short too, and got a bump really early! i've been doing pilates for 2 years, and i go swimming and to aquanatal classes, but i still find that my upper back gets really achy and tired after a long day at the office - even though i make sure i keep my posture good, and take breaks to walk around.

pillows in bed? well they all end up on the floor within the hour, and i wake up sleeping on my back! it's not uncomfortable and i've not felt dizzy yet sleeping on my back, so i'm going to continue for as long as i can before it gets uncomfy - regardless of what the books say!! lol

i do reckon my back is just getting a little achy due to the extra weight up front that i'm not used to!

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