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May 2, 2005
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Here i am again,

I have tried looking for the info on the net but nothing will give me a clear answer.

My baby is back to back and all day i have had niggly stomach ache and alot of pushing down over the last few days. Over the last hour i have had cronic back pain and the odd stomach cramp/strong period pain.

How does back labour start? does anyone know?
Do you have tightenings straight away or do you just get back pain?

I'm confused :(
That sounds like it. Certainly how my posterior labour started!
I hope and pray this is you - good luck!!!
Got all fingers and toes crossed for you.
Big hugs
Emilia xx

Oh i hope this is it for you , sounds liek it could be althoughim not a doctor lol, have you phoned the hospital or anything yet????
Keep us updated, we mightbe starting to all have abbies now!!!
Take care and good luck
Katrina :D
i thought at your last apointment the midwife said the baby had moved back to side?

has it gone back round again now then?
She said it felt back to side but it will have the same affect in labour as back to back as it still has near enough the same to turn before decending.

A normal lying baby only has 1/8th to turn and a back to back baby or there abouts has 5/8th's to turn before it will properly fit into the pelvis.

I am going to ring and ask them in a bit as the back ache is still there, just so i know what to look out for if it isn't anything to worry about.
I was back to back with my first, and got loads of uncomfortable back ache at first... like period pains in the back. I remember just not being able to find a comfortable position no matter what i did.

Get on all fours now if you can... the contractions etc can help to get the baby into a better position if you have the right posture...good luck.
I have been sat on my birthing ball leaning forward on my bed, it was quite comfortable.

I was induced with Amy and the pain is put there for you with no build up so i don't know what natural labour feels like, let alone back labour.

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