Back after a little break and I the 2ww needing someone to help keep me sane please!

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by jazzsaxplayer, Oct 18, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    Had a little break from the forum as I was getting a tad obsessed with all things pregnancy & ttc'ing after my mc in July. However I'm having symptoms similar to last bfp in 2ww and trying sooooo hard not to overthink it!
    Symptoms so far
    Positive opk for last 9 days - I usually have no line in between OV and af (although I have PCOS so not unheard of having LH surges)
    Really tingly / sore nipples (this was my biggest symptom last time); they've gone a bit darker but nothing mega different
    Hungry a lot with indigestion if don't eat or eat too quickly / too much at once
    Butterflies in bottom of stomach where crease meets lady garden - really weird stretchy type feeling (again this was a symptom last time!)
    Thirsty - mega thirsty!
    Very clingy to OH - not normal and very emotional / feeling soft (it's stupid really as got to go away with work tomorrow night and really don't want to go).

    Like I say all could be af coming (due Sunday). Don't really know ant to test until Friday as today too early (missed fmu now anyway) and then away so would want hubby to be here - might test Friday? x

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