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Sep 2, 2005
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My best friend had got 2 doberman dogs and they have the run of her house. I know it might sound a bit silly but ive not been to hers since ive had carey because of the dogs. i dont wanna say anything because i know how stupid it sounds but i need to keep seeing my friends.

Shes one of these people who to her her dogs are her babies so asking her to take them out the room would really pee her off.

So am i being silly not wanting Carey around them or should i let them around him?

I used to have a dog but she went to live with my nan before i had carey so hes never been around dogs. anyone got no pets but have had there babies around big dogs?
hiya :D ,
If she is a friend then she should understand your concerns. I would say, look i really want to come and see you but im a bit nervous of the dogs around the baby. Would it be okay if we kept them out the room while we are there'. If she knows you used to have a dog then she shouldnt be too upset.

There is also the fact that the hair might affect him, despite me being cat daft Jess is allergic to the long hair cats.

If she has a problem then you might just need to see her in a neutral place.
amyknight88 said:
So am i being silly not wanting Carey around them or should i let them around him?

You are not being silly AT ALL, you are following your motherly instincts.
If you do not want big dogs around your baby, I can't blame you and neither should your friend.
I don't think you are being silly either. I went round a friend of a friend's house and she had a dog that kept trying to lick Seren's face - eewww. The dog was used to licking her baby but it really annoyed me. I have a dog and if I thought he was going to bother another person's children he would be shut out.

i have a dog so kiara is used to him hes a lab x border collie and real friendly for me i wouldnt keep kilo out of the room cuz he would think he was in trouble instead ide go to that persons house without him.
But i know some dogs arent friendly or are so called "a dangerous breed".
Why dont you ask your friend over to your house?
A few of my friends dont like cats and I used to keep them out of the room when they were here. I only have 1 now and he is anti social so its not so much of a problem but if asked by a friend I would keep the animal out of the room.

We have a little mongrel dog called Minstrel and she is like another baby to us, she is so good with Charlie. Our friends have a 10 week old little girl Abi and they don't have any dogs but when they come round Minstrel is really good with her, she says a quick hello and then does her own thing. A lot of the time pets are just interested in new things but get bored very easily!
She should understand hun, i would say that you are nervous that the dogs might be jealous of her attention to you and the baby. My MIL and FIL have a shih tzu and he's really jealous especially when I come in and my arms are full of baby and I can't pet him, as he has grown quite fond of me. He actually went so far as to try to jump in my lap and nip at Naomi the last time they were over (dog=baby in parents in laws house)

They know I'm nervous of him around her, though, and have made efforts to keep him restrained when we visit.


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