Baby weight gain not as should be

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by SiameseCatLady, Nov 16, 2016.

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    I am a bf mum but my DS has a bottle of formula last thing at night (I had to go on sleeping pills due to severe pnd). He is 9 weeks old and sleeping from around 11-7 in night.
    He was 9lbs 4 when born and now only 11lbs on 1st Nov. Doctor said she was worried about weight. Took him to clinic and had lost 6 grams so not much, but so worried now. He does feed a lot in day... HV said just sit and feed forever until Monday when she's coming to see us again. Feel like failure with bf. I seem to have loads of milk but expressing doesn't work on my very fleshy large breasts (sorry tmi).
    Because of pnd I am so worried and anxious about it all. So scared I will have to stop bf or top up with formula, which I really don't want to do. 😞
    Anybody got any advice? Xx
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    Assuming he is feeding well (good latch and lots of wet and dirty nappies) then your HV is likely right that feed,feed, feed is the way to go. A bottle of water, plenty of snacks and a DVD box set are your friends.

    But I would recommend seeing a breastfeeding counsellor to check baby's latch is as good as it can be and looking for local breastfeeding groups so you can chat to other mums. A bit of support is so important in the early weeks as breastfeeding can be relentless and exhausting. It is worth it though! x
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    Does he sleep from 11pm to 7am? That is very long to go between feeds, is there anyone who can give him a feed through night? My lb has been gaining weight very slowly but ive to not let him go longer than 4 hours max from start of a feed to the start of his next feed and to wake him to feed. I know formula takes longer to digest so its probably fine and im talking nonsense lol! Have you been out at all? The fresh air has my little boy ravenous haha! He doesn't sleep longer than 2 and a half hours at night and is just a boob monster but still slow weight gain. Breastfed babies generally gain at a slower rate anyway there are separate guidelines for their weight. I was told before a weighing to just let him live on my boob and feed.

    Have you tried pumping? There are plenty of sizes available for all sorts of breasts and it can be a bit of trial and error but it may be worth looking into. I topped up with pumped breastmilk to help my lb along and i had to in the hospital too. Good luck!

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