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    Hello everybody,

    I have release my free iPhone/iPad application to determinate baby traits. It's so far from 100%, but anyway.
    Possible to determinate calculate eye color, hair color, lactose intolerance, not so much only 6 traits. Anyway it's my first release.
    I will be appreciate if you answer in this topic what else you would like to see (like determinate height etc.) It help me to update next release.

    Path to application - Apple Store (Baby Daddy)

    Don't be serious with my application. Just like a game. Application use simplified models to calculate traits and their certainty is so far from 100% due to the fact that human genetics is far more difficult than a simple mendelian dominant genetic model. In any case, these reports do not substitute for clinical tests, genetic counseling or paternity tests. If you have questions about your genetic heritage, its relation to diseases or any other health-related issues you should consult your personal doctor.
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