baby things for my birthday :(


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Sep 2, 2005
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it was my 17th birthday yesterday and i got loads and loads of things for the baby. baby clothes and bibs and shoes and things and yeah im really really grateful but i didnt get anything for me. that probaly sounds really selfish and bratty but its my birthday and people could have given the babe those things when he/she gets here -not for my bday.

i think its hit me now that im going to be a mum and not just a teenager and everythings about the baby now and not me.

your all proably thinking i should be grateful but it was just annoying it was my last birthday without having a baby! ah well never mind. sorry need to get it out lol
Happy Birthday :!: :!: (belated)

It is my birthday a couple of weeks before my due date and I am half expecting people to buy me things for the baby - just because people do and they think they are being helpful I guess.

I too would be upset if I got baby presents on my birthday instead of gifts for myself, not because I want presents, but just because the whole point of it.

I don't think you're being bratty at all - I totally understand where you are coming from.

Xmas is a different matter, I don't expect gifts for me and neither does OH - we are well prepared for that and neither of us mind.

yeah exactly. i want xmas to be all about my baby i wouldnt expect anything less really. but like you say its the point of it not the fact i want presents! never mind anyway over and done with now i suppose

Happy Birthday!!

I have to say that would really annoy me too! It was my 30th birthday a few weeks ago and I got a few useful baby presents (hand food blender, book) but my parents at least thankfully got me a very silly computer game that will keep us amused in the next few months. I know exactly what you mean about still wanting something like a birthday to be about you and I don't think it's at all bratty- I mean in a year's time when you're not pregnant anymore and it's your 18th I don't suppose they'll get you baby things will they so it's strange to do it now- especially as you say that Xmas is so close.

Sending you all the virtual pressies that your heart desires hun!

I felt the same when most of my 40th birthday presents were related to me being pregnant. I got lots of bath stuff and body lotions for mama-to-be and was a bit miffed as I thought me being 40 was just as important as me being pregnant!
i got baby stuff for my 18th and that day i was having major BH worst i had for all my preg and i went mental i felt awful afterwards but i just couldnt believe it my 18th and last without Braydon and i got baby stuff!!!

i apologised the day after tho

by the way happy birthday i hope u had a good one over than that lol
Hey hun

Happy 17th Birthday, i know what you mean though i had my 19th birthday in oct and if people gave me all baby stiff i think i would of cried lol. But they should understand. Actually all my friends were like i bet you want stuff for your baby for your birthday and i was like why would i want that its my 19th, which is the legal age down here so it was a big thing, and i said in three months it will be all about the baby so i want it tobe all me. But im sorry your birthday wasnt that great .

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