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Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by shamu, Feb 4, 2006.

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    Oct 10, 2005
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    hi girlies,
    well, i had my baby shower last night and it was fab!

    i was really nervous about the whole thing because i felt it was a bit cheeky, but it went really well

    my best mate organised it all for me - i knew nothing about what was going on, just to turn up at her house at 7.30.

    Well, she really excelled herself! - there was banners and balloons on the front door, clusters of balloons all over the house, a fantastic buffet and all of my friends were waiting for me! - i never felt so spoilt in my life!! it was a really good night, and i got some lovely baby pressies, inc a changing mat, a high chair, cot bedding and loads of other useful stuff like bibs and mits and things, plus some gorgeuos hand knitted booties and hand knitted cardies :lol:

    after all the pressies, my mate started the games - they were dead funny, first was baby bingo which she downloaded of the internet, the 2nd game was the funniest - it involved two bowls, one full of cotton balls and one empty on, each person was blind folded and given a spoon and you had to spoon the cotton from one bowl to the other as quick as poss in 1 minute - this was so much harder than it sounds, cos the cotton is really really silent!! so you feel like your not actually doing anything, there was cotton all over the place by the end of the night!

    the third game got the most laughs tho - it was kinda like consequenses, each person has to write down a problem a new mum might be faced with on 1 papers and a soloution to a problem on the othere - didnt have to be the soloution to the problem you'd picked tho, then the problems got passed on two spaces to the right and the soloutions 1 space to the left, any way, after they were all mixed up - the best one that came out was
    PROBLEM - no time for sex
    SOLOUTION - fone your mum! - she knows best - and if all else fails she will at least come round and take over whilst you have a good cry!
    oh can you imagine? hehehehehehehehehe

    anyway, sorry if i've bored you all, just wanted to share, and maybe pass on any ideas if you are having your own baby showers - i definately think they will become more popular over in the uk now

  2. lisa31

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    Jul 5, 2005
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    Shamu - that sounds really really good! I know what you mean about feeling cheeky though !

    You have lovely friends there! - glad you enjoyed it - sounds like good fun to me!

    L x

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