baby Samuel is putting on weight and doing well!

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Jun 14, 2005
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My god is this breastfeeding thing a learning curve!

Christ, how can something so natural be so complicated!

However............ we are perservering and most of the feeds are very enjoyable.

The midwife came round today and Samuel has put on his second lot of weight and is almost at his birth weight, and despite being tested every day on the breast milk front, we are overcoming each little obstacle and he is thriving.

He makes us laugh all day long as well, which really helps. Nobody ever really tells you how funny a newborn is.

He's great.
Glad to hear that it's going well :D

I thought that I'd got the hang of b/f at first, then it all went wrong. Finally now it doesn't hurt unless she's been feeding every hour or two (sometimes it's more a comfort thing) when they feel like sandpaper has been raked across them (yeouch!).

Ella makes us laugh every day, but she was particularly hilarious as a newborn. I never realised the windy noises something so small could make!! And the faces!
Hey Sarah, welcome back!

Yes, they are hilarious aren't they? Naomi made a church pew full of people laugh at her christening on Sunday - because right in the middle of the Our Father, at the "lead us not into temptation" she yawned very loudly and then broke wind noisily for what seemed like ages. My brother- now her godfather, had a hard time explaining afterwards why he had gone so red in the face!

Glad it's all going well.

This breastfeeding lark is an art form I reckon!

LOVE Dominic's picture, minikins...

I think the breastfeeding thing is what has tested me the most being a new mum, but it is worth it. Seren has put on 10 1/2 oz in a week and although I do top up daily with 4 oz of formula, it is still good to know that something is coming out. However I do think it is a tad worrying when she smiles at my boob more then my face (just like her dad).

Glad its going well Sarah, Samuel is a little treasure x

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