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Feb 2, 2005
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I had a midwife appt today and shes given me some info on trying to get the baby to move from my left side to my right. He's upside down already but had been laid aginst the right of my belly since I've been aqble to feel him. She says labour can be significantly reduced in length when they are lying on the left. So Better get trying! where is everybody elses baby lying>????
Well I find that mine spends most of the time on the left side and her head is already down, doc said not to worry sometimes they do turn around but I feel her mostly on the left I gues she better stay there if that is going to reduce the length in labour... :lol: and DH sleeps to the left of me and I am always under him lying on my left side so I guess I will continue... :lol: and when ever I go to for my appt the doc always finds the hart beat on the left side and she said she can see she is there and no trouble at all finding the heart beat.

Thanks for the info....
My baby loves my right side. That's where her movements are more pronounced.
Well, I have my 36 week midwife appointment tomorrow where she's going to check and see it baby is still breech.

Baby has been breech for quite a few weeks now and if it hasn't turned then she's going to be sending me for a scan.

At the scan they'll check to see if they can turn the baby by manipulating my tummy but only if they think the cord etc. is all in an ok place to move.

If the turning is successful then they will let me have a natural delivery, otherwise I'll be booked in for a Ceasarean Section in about 2 weeks time...

I hope they can turn baby as I'd love to have a natural delivery but if I need to have a Ceasarean to get the baby out healthily then I guess that's the way it has to be. On the plus side, if the Ceasarean is planned then I don't have to have a general anasthetic so I can still see the baby as soon as it's born :)
I had an appointment on monday and my baby is laying almost sideways. It makes perfect sense because she's always kicking my ribs! I actually felt her foot too. It felt like a tiny bump, so I poked a little to see what it was and she kicked! :lol: Awww, I love her!
Well I had my 36 week check on moday and the midwife thinks the baby has turned but to be certain she's sending me for a scan which is tomorrow.

I'm hoping the baby has turned so keeping my fingers crossed!
Hello all.
Well I had the scan and the good news is baby is head down and everything is fine :D

We were even given a pic of the baby's face which I didn't expect!


The image was amazing, you could even see eyelashes :D

When/how do you find out what position your baby is in? I have got a midwife appointment next week (30 weeks) - is it too early to ask? Iget most the kicks down the right side, however midwife listened to baby's heard on left side last time - I am trying to sleep on the left side which I find hard as I am so used to sleeping on my right side....

Towards the end of the pregnancy (any time in the third tirmester) your midwife will check the position of the baby as part of your routine visits and should write it down in your green notes.

I don't think it's too early to ask, I'm one of those curious people who ask the midwife the reason for everything she does, and what the result means. I love to know everything about the baby!

The side they listen to the heatbeat on is usually where the baby's back is but this doesn't really help you know whether the baby is head up or head down, and they can change from week to week!

Check your notes to see if she's been making note of it, if not ask her!
Hi Becky,

thanks for your reply - I am also very curious and I think my midwife gets a bit annoyed by all my questions - but tough - that's her job, isn't it?

anyway - just realised it's your final 2 weeks - so it could really start any minute now: GOOD LUCK! and I am happy for you that your baby is now in a good position - all the best

Hi, I'm new to this forum and due on 16th May.

Hopefully kimbot who started this thread has had her baby now and everything went well - just noticed her ticker says she's at 41 weeks!

Anyway, i was posting in case anyone is still concerned about the baby's position. Have a look at this article which tells you ways you can try to move the baby into the best position:

Hope that helps! At my last midwife appointment my baby was head down with it's back to the right, I've got another appointment today so she'll tell me where it is but I'm sure it's still on the right.
Thought this might be useful. The midwife very often writes abbreviations to describe the position of the the baby:

LOL - Left Occipital Lateral (Baby's back is to the left facing right) - you are likely to feel most kicks on the right hand side & in your ribs!

LOA - Left Occipital Anterior (Baby's back is more pronounced not too side on - a good position for labour) still kicks will be to the right

LOP - Left Occipital Posterior (Baby is back-to-back - this is the most difficult position for delivery) kicks all over the abdomen and you tummy may have a bumpy lumpy feel.

All these can apply to the right side as well eg: ROL; ROA; ROP. Indeed the right can be optimum for fetal positioning.

The heartbeat is found on the baby's back (anterior shoulder).

If head down - this is known as Cephalic
If head up - breech.

Hope this makes sense. Let me know if it doesn't.

Also if there are other abbreviations you would like to know the meaning to post them and I will try to explain.


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