Baby Olivia born Sat 11th Feb!


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Apr 10, 2005
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Hi everyone

Here's the story....

Friday lunchtime I thought my waters had broken in Asda, went to the day assessment unit at the hospital and was told I had an infection and also a show so came home thinking it could be a few days... Fri night at 8.30 contractions started and at 1am they were every 4 mins and lasting 40 seconds but the tens machine was great and I could cope with them until my waters broke and as I have Strep B I had to go to the hospital. On arrival I was 2 cm dilated - yippee! I knew my baby was back to back but I really didn't appreciate how painful this position is, the midwife also said that I'd lost the majority of my waters so there wasn't any fluid cushioning between the baby's spine and mine. I had massive urges to push with each contraction but this was a side effect of the back to back positioning.

At 9.30am I was examined and still only 2cm! I nearly cried! I knew I couldn't manage on gas and air alone so had some morphine (which I didn't find worked for me and thought gas and air was much better). At 11am I was 5cm dialated but really in unbearable pain so I opted for an epidural as along with baby being back to back her head wasn't flexed so it looked like she wouldn't be able to go over the u-bend to get out and C-section was discussed. Epidurals are wonderful!!
At last I actually was enjoying being in labour and so much more relaxed.

At 3.30pm I was fully dilated but pushing was only distressing the baby so we had to wait and wait to get a consultant's verdict (we had so many changes of midwifes and this was was so slow at doing things). Baby's head still wasn't flexed so it was decided before going for c-section to try a forceps delivery :? They topped my epidural up so it would cover me for a c-section so I couldnt move my legs at all which was such a strange sensation. I knew I'd have to have an episitomy for the forceps so I had grit determination to push my hardest to get this baby out rather than having both an episiotomy and a c-section :shock: The forceps managed to turn the baby and guide her out and at 7.21pm baby Olivia was delivered, we didnt' know the sex of the baby before delivery so it was a nice surprise. Unfortunately I had to have a large episiotomty to get the baby out so I'm pretty sore but I was so relieved that the baby was alive and well.

I couldn't use the birthing pool as there was meconium in my waters which was a shame as my hot bath at home was reall easing my contractions.

The midwives were great and I had a nice stay last night and today but am very glad to be at home in my own environment with my gorgeous wee girl.

I'll post some pictures soon.

Olivia 1 day old, 7lbs 5oz
Aww im so glad all turned out well in the end. Big congrats to the family, cant wait to c the pics!
Yeahhhhhhhhh.....Congrats and a big well done..
ive just not had time to read much thats going on, so was a lovely surprise to hear Olivia has arrived.
Ill PM you and catch up!
I am so glad it all worked out in the end, Lucy!!

Olivia is a really nice name, that's a great choice! Welcome to her!
I look forward to seeing the piccies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
take care,

Mel xx
congrats hun, and a massive hello to baby Olivia. can't wait to see the photos xxxxx
What a lovely end to what seemed to be a difficult delivery. Can't wait to see her pics!!! I hope you feel better!!!

xoxo Ree
Congratulations on the birth of Olivia...
Well done! :wink:
Emilia xx
Congratulations hun, I love the name olivia its gorgeous cant wait to see her piccies xxx

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