Baby no 2 - Yes or No!

Discussion in 'Ask a Mum!' started by ashhenda, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Dec 18, 2011
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    Hi, i'm new to the forum.

    I have a 4 yr old son, when I was pregnant with him, I suffered qith severe headaches and couldn't sleep for the last 3-4 months due to hip pain.

    My contractions started on Sunday morning (everywhere between 10-20mins apart) and I finally gave birth to him on Wednesday evening. All in all I was in labour for 84 hours. I was unable to push him out as he his head was too big and with me being exhausted I didn't have the energy. I was given gas and air, pethidine and was giving an epidural as they said I would be prep'd for a c-section. I was given a episiotomy (sp!) and they use the larger forceps!

    I brought him home on the Friday, but was rushed back in on the Sat morning as they suspected I had a blood clot. I was given injections to thin my blood and send for a scan on the Monday (as there was no-one there during the w.end), which came back clear. I was sent home again on the Tuesday. I was diagnosed severly aneamic and was given meds. Also my stitches became infected, as they hadnt fully stitched me but because it wasn't a fresh wound, I had to let it heal on it's own.

    My son didn't settle very well, he suffered from reflux and was always brining up his feeds. He was sent to the hospital for tests at 6 weeks old as they thought he may have probs with his stomach. Turns out that the advice the HV was giving to up his milk was wrong and we were feeding him too much! So we started him on hungry milk and he was fine.

    I suffered from PND quite badly, really found it hard to cope with his crying. I read too much into books, if they said my son should have 3 naps, I stressed that he'd only have 1. This took a toll on my relationship with my hubby. Then my son was diagnosed with a squint at had to wear glasses. He recently had a op on his eye to sort this out.

    I still have my anti-depressants 4 years on, actually had these before I was preg, as I suffered from OCD.

    I always said "NO MORE CHILDREN", but have recently made a u-turn and SO want another child. My hubby is not convinced, he is really afraid that I will be poorly again. He is also worried about the nightmare of no sleep for first few months. I don't want to MAKE him have another, but I would really like to have a sibling for my son.
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    Wow you really did have a hard time of it no wonder its taken until now for you to change your mind! It took me 14 years to want another but it's totally different this time round as you know more and I'm loving it! This time you will know what to expect and a lot more relaxed about stuff. This forum is also a great support there's always someone in the same boat you can chat to.
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    I had some rough times with my son, he was a section after failed induction at 38 weeks. I also too got an infection in my scar had thrww lots of antiboctics in end. He was jaundice and I had to feed every three hours he never fed well small amounts. then ended up feeding hourly so I put him on hungary milk too. Constipated followed to me pulling his poo out for him wasn't pretty. But I got there in end. I also got PND and went on tablets which helped. Now I'm pregnant again I am having a shrink to talk over problems as I don't want to take more tablets than I need as diabetic when pregnant x

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