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Dec 31, 2005
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hiya i was just wundrin cos evri1 i tlk 2 asks if i can feel the baby kick but i have no idea what it feels like lol!!!! so i have no idea if i can

i can sometimes feel somethin like butterflys in ma belly.
sorry it is such a stupid question

love xx willow xx
i asked exactly the same thing wen i was pg lol - u should have been feeling em for a bout 10 weeks or so now - they do feel like butterflys kinda fluttering in your tummy - as baby get bigger they get more powerful lol
thanx sarah!!!!!!!!
i have bin feelin tha baby kick then!
love xx willow xx

I never knew it was the baby till 22 weeks and it still didnt feel like kicks but wasnt sure till a few more weeks so i think it depends you can try and describe it but you really dont know till you feel it.
It was so hard for me... next time it will be easier to tell.
Katrina :D
Oh and glad you feel you rbaby moving now must be exciting
didnt u have your scan today or yest willow??? how did it go???
and feeling baby kick is wot i miss most bout being pg lol so make most of it lol
love sarah and braydon x x x
lol sarah. i had my scan at 3 yestrday aftanoon and its a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is small but perfect!!!!!!!!!!!! i wil make the most of her kickin me lol

love xx willow xx
awww bless so we have two boys thanks to me and amy.
1 girl at the moment from mary lou kinda two as we have kylie to
we have a girl on her way this very minute as saulinos waters have broken unless the scan was wrong
and we have a girl if the scan was right from willow

the girls are over ralling carey and braydon AMY

you got nenames then willow??
yey!!!!!! poor braydon and carey lol or lucky them it depends- they have a choice which girlfriend lol

ye i have got names atm i like Hallie Bliss > what do ya think?

love xx willow xx

ps tell katrina congrats frm me!
she is back now lol typical oh stubborn one lol
i love the name thinks its cute ull change ya mind 100 times in the next 10 weeks or so lol
true braydon already likes the gals lol

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