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Baby hates texture?


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Jun 6, 2014
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My DD is nearly 10 months. We started her on solid foods at 4 months, she loved puréed fruits and veggies. Each week we would try her on new flavours/textures, she liked Ella's kitchen pouches but seemed to enjoy homemade food more. By 6 months she was eating 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and would happily hold and eat biscuits or whole fruit via a fresh fruit feeder. She enjoyed fish, mash potatoes and especially loved broccoli. She is now nearly 10 months old and everything has gone down hill. She's now getting very fussy with what we feed her, she takes ages to chew each mouthful and often gags. She will not pick up food herself and some times it feels like we're forcing her to eat. We've had to go back to giving her really watery puréed foods but she's starting to refuse to eat those too. We've tried baby led weaning, putting steamed veggies or fruit in front of her but she either just smushes it between her fingers or throws it about and when you put it in her mouth, she just gags and cries to the point where she vomits.
Does anyone have any suggestions on things to feed her to help her?
We have a few meals planned for her this week including:
Sausage, mash & peas
Chicken & veggies
Beef stew
Cod & cheesy leeks
These are all things that's she used to love but has recently refused to eat unless they are extremely blended.
She was doing so well with her weaning, I just want my food loving baby back :wall2:
Bit of a late reply but did you manage to get things sorted?

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