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    Hey ladies

    I'm moving so have to clear space and am looking to clear out baby clothes etc.

    I have Next, Mothercare, Debenhams, Asda sleepsuits...I have various wee sets of clothes like dresses with tights for example that are designer from TK Maxx that you'll never find on the high street again and jeans etc. Also a size 2 pair of baby vans which I think is 6 months but my LO is waaay too big for them lol

    There's quite a few bits of designer wear which is Baby Baker too.

    I'm also gona throw in 2 pairs of Mothercare maternity jeans and 3 maternity cardigans of which 2 are mamas and papas which if i remember are 12/14 size...and a medela breast pump which was only used for a week and is like brand new.

    I'd be looking £55 for the lot including postage as majority of it has only been worn once or there some wee things with tags on that my LO just didn't get to wear before she grew!

    If anyone is interested I can take pix later and add them to post or pm me.

    Cheers ladies xx
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