Baby fully engaged!!


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Apr 25, 2005
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Came back from the midwife today and she said the baby was fully engaged, which is great because 2 weeks ago he was 2/5!!!! she told me it does not mean though I am not going to be overdue and advised me to go for loads of sex but OH does not want to go near me at all :( and to tell you the truth, I am too tired for sex lasting more than 2 minutes lol
So was wondering how long did it take to people to give birth once they knew baby was fully engaged?

The midwife also told me I am pale and need to eat food with iron. is dried apricot good for that?
Most breakast cereals are fortified with iron.

Also, if you drink orange juice with iron rich foods it aids uptake, but avoid tea as it inhibits uptake. Wait an hour or so after an iron rich meal before having a cuppa.
in my last preg i went to c the midewife for my 34weeks check up on the tuesday she said baby aint ingaged yet, that night my waters broke and i gave birth :?
Engagement is a bit of a nothing really, not that I want to put the dampers on it for anyone but a baby can be fully engaged one day and then 2/5 engaged the next - also if you are only 1/5 engaged it doesn't mean you won't go into labour, likewise if you are fully enagaged it doesn't mean you will.

Baby can go in and out of engagement during those last few weeks of pregnancy and you will still go into labour when mother nature says its time.

Good luck :wink:

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