Baby can't bring head to nipple to feed

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    My 3 and a half month old son recently seems to have trouble feeding. For about half of his feeds during the day, it seems like he wants to feed, but can't bring his head to my boob in the cradle hold position. If I lie down to feed him, sometimes he turns his head towards me to feed, but quickly turns his head away again. If I then feed him lying down, with him slightly elevated on a pillow, he can feed (most of the time) without any issues

    I know he is hungry when I try to fed him into the cradle hold position and he can't turn his head towards me to feed, because he will feed lying down, or he I'll take a bottle.

    I went to my gp, but she did not seemed concerned and does not think he has reflux, as he has no typical signs of reflux. She said that maybe he just doesn't want to fed into hat position, but I feel like it's more than that. He will feed into that position sometimes during the day.

    Just wondering if any other moms have had this issue and if they have any advice.

    By the way, I'm not concerned that he's not feeding enough, its just unusal that he has started doing this and it will make being out and about with him more difficult, if this new issue sticks around.

    Thanks x
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