baby boy

hello kayli, congratutions on the birth of your little boy, how is he? how was labour? Have you named him yet? Hope to hear from you soon! Amy xxxx

Congragulations on your little boy, i hope all goes well for you. So how is he can we see some pics???? Well take care.
he is fine
no my mum is not helpin me

leo is gonna name him
so he dunt av a name yet

he weighed 6lb 8oz
labour was 8 hours long
luv kayli
hi kayli, if you like we could meet up sometime, i live in leeds-what part do you come from? im 16 and by the sounds of things you dont have many people to talk to so reply on here or pm me or whatever and ill give you my number, do you have access to your little lad, it will be great for you to show him off lol, show me what im letting myself in for ;) hope to hear from you, love amy x
Hi Kayli,

Hope you are feeling well. You must be really excited now!!!

He is such a cutie, looks as though he likes to watch what's going on...

Congrats honey :lol:

Take care, Tineke
he is about 1/2 hour old in the foto

he lies in his cot and watches me lol!!!

luv kayli xxxxx
hey congrats on yr boy.
i had a boy on 22 august.
Ewan George

what did you call your litttle man?
hiya hunni
congrats to u and leo about ur litle one he's well gorgeous! hope your coping ok. what did u have during labour (gas and air ect)?
talk to u soon
love gillian & bump
hiya gill!
im copin ok but d soshul wanna t8k im away agen :evil:
in labor i ad nufin till i got 2 d hospital an den i ad gas an air
ma foster mum :x ad no ida wat woz goin on an she caled an ambulance an i ad 2 flippin yell it to her ' im avin a f*ckin baby!!!' lol b4 she got it in to er thick ed
i was pissed out ma hed so that helped aswel!! lol
luv kayl an paris xxxxxxx
:shock: you were pissed when you were in labour? why were you even drinking knowing you were pregnant? Do you drink now, if so im not suprised the social are taking him away. :shock:
there are people out there who desperately want a child of their own ie-me, and there are people like you who have the world in their arms, who would rather piss it away on booze and have the baby taken away by the social. Im sorry but its sick, This baby is YOUR baby and should mean everything to you, and you should forget booze, forget smoking weed or whatever you do, there is a life in your hands so you must do all you have to, to protect him and bring him up well.He is relying on you.

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