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this is probably going to seem like a totally stupid question but when can you start working out the maybe of your babys weight when you give birth as i am 28 weeks and my stomach is quite big and people keep saying they think it will be a 9 pound baby and i am starting to worry

Try not to worry - we thought that about my sister-in-law - she looked HUGE but her baby was only 7 pounds! Must have been all fluid!

LB xx
9 pounds ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Weight until the midwife says it will be 9 pounds until then, don't worry *she says looking worried* remember there is alot of water ot in my case fat and water! And it will be better that a tiny, tiny baby *she says folding her legs*
Some people have tiny bumps and big babies though! Jo had a little bump (at 8 months) and had a 6lb 12 baby 3 weeks + early!! :D

I heard it takes after the parents birth weight? Didn't we discuss this before come to think of it? :?
All depends how much fluid you have around your baby.......could be making you look bigger!!
My auntie gave birth this morning to a little boy. She had the most neatest smallest little football and had a 7lb 10oz bubba. Apparently there wasn't much fluid.
People have been commenting to me about how big my bump is for six months but my baby is measuring the exact average size wise.
To give yourself an idea of the babies size you can measure the fundus height, or look at your notes to what the midwife put if you cant do this yourself and see if its over or under average, the average is the number of weeks in cm, so if your 28weeks the fudus should be 28cm, measurements can be about 3cm either side of this. This might give you an indication of how large your baby is.
I had enormous bump with second baby. Doctor said it would be bigger than my first (which was 9lbs 4 oz). When second baby was born - only 7lbs 10oz! My mother was only size 8, carrying quite neat and delivered a cracker at 10lbs 7oz!!!!!!! AND vaginally!!!!!
OHHH Ya!!!!!!
Happy delivering - I'm wondering what will be in store for me this time round!!
Emilia :oops:
My cousin was very tiny and her OB kept telling her she was not gaining enough weight and that her baby was too small...He was almost 9lbs...I on the other hand was told I was gaining too much and my baby would be too big...He was 6lbs 6 oz...So you cannot go by measurements and stuff...Unfortunately...They can give you an estimated or pretty acurate weight through ultrasound though...I am very tiny this time around for being 24 weeks but my baby is a little over a lb which is normal for this time...Good luck :)

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