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Jan 1, 2006
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Hi Im New and need some advice.

Im 16 weeks tomorrow and all is well except the dry skin patches on my face which Ive had for about 12 weeks. It is mainly on mu chin, cheeks and around my nose. I have Been to the doctor twice and they are unable to perscribe me with anything because of the obvious and told that is is my hormones and it may last the whole of my pregnancy!

Have seeked other advice from a local beauty salon and told just to use water to wash and no make up. I would not normally be so concerned about it as it is my only pregnancy illness but I am getting married in Feb and it is really noticable and dosnt seem to be getting any better.

Has any one else experienced this as I havent found anything about this in any of my books.... )Please Help.

Thanks look forward to hearing from you. :( [/b]
Hello charlies_bump

I have been experiencing the same problem under my eyes. I have been to the doctors about 3 times with it and was first prescribed sudacrem which felt like it was burning the skin and then a 1% hydrocortisone which the dr told me wasn't going to harm the baby in any way - this cream does shift it. I have found that it comes back if I have had a particularly bad nights sleep, it looks a bit like excema (sp) and does help without wearing makeup, but I wouldn't dream of going to work without any makeup on :wink:

I hope you get it sorted before your wedding next month, good luck and post us some piccies of the big day! :D

Hi Lyndsay

Thank you for your message, believe it or not it is actually starting to disapear.

Kind wishes

Charlotte X
Im really not sure about safety etc, but have you tried or asked for Cream E45? I often get the odd patch of dry skin on my face and this always clears it up in a few days for me.
Hi... I am 14wks on friday and i am also suffering from dry skin, very flacky, on my forehead. I have just been using E45 which i am going to ask the doc to prescribe so i dont have to pay for it!! hehe. It seems to be working xxx

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