Attention mum's with more than one!

Can you tell me what I need for the second one? Obviously I have most of the basics from Damien, but some stuff he will still be using. I have figured out I will have to buy a new cot, or a cot/bed for Damien, also a double buggy, but what else do I need? Have I already got everything? x
i can't see you needing alot other than what you say a double buggy another cot and maybe some more bottles, my sister had hers 11 months apart and she was only 17 and she coped fine
like tommy said you dont need much more. i managed with only buying some new bottles and a sling.
demi is in the moses and kylie in the cot, demi in the sling, kylie in the buggy, lol
luv marylou xxx
I see your name on my posts and I cringe!!! Still got my sexy Tesco pants from Damien - they did turn into my comfy 'period' pants, but seeing as thought I only had one period, I'll be using them for my fat sexy bum again soon!

Did you get my test missus?
If you mean text then yes I did and I have replied?

Oh yeah *checks phone**t Sami!

Nah it's okie we'll stay at yours if you want. Up to you if you want some moral support? or listen to me babble on all day again....nice tea by the way ;)
Don't want to upset Ragna :(

Like I said I won't know until tomorrow night at the earliest. Although they've forcast snow so can't really see Golf happening!!!!
LOL would be funny to watch!!

charlie and ethan are 18 months apart, is a bigger age gap than the oe between your two but i doubt it will be much diffrent.

if you have two good babies then its not much harder than having one i found.

i needed a double buggy and that was it, by the time ethan was born, charlie was on cows milk (from 12 months old) so i only had to make up one batch of bottles a day. 2 lots of nappie changes mind you! lol

dinner time asnt a prob, charlie would pretty much eat what we ate so i didnt have to do anything speacil for her.

i had got her in to a bed with a bed guard by then too, so i only had one cot.

i know the age gap is soing to be smaller, but i think you will do a great job

Hi Sami,
Congrats on the baby. Mines will be 26 months apart but the only things I think I need are a double pram and new bottles and teats, oh and a cot. I got a good and reasonably priced double, new from ebay. Ended up paying about £110 (including postage). I just cannot think just now what I need, im looking after baby 1 and a bit tired from carrying baby 2 and work but very happy. It all takes a while to sink in and I think that as you get into the pregnancy everything will come together.
How many rooms do you have in your house?
We have a 2 bed house but Damien is still in our room and will be till he is 6 months old. Then there will a few months before baby arrives and comes into our room.

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