At my wits end- please help!!!

Discussion in 'Combination Feeding' started by blondie101, Jan 27, 2017.

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    Nov 7, 2016
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    Help please I'm really at my wits end!!!

    My baby is 6 weeks old and she is refusing the breast. She'll happily take her bottle and her dummy but soon as my breast goes anywhere near her mouth she fetches the place down like I was killing her or something. I have tried to pump but I can't do that either as nothing comes out (been trying to pump for weeks but nothing).. I don't know what to do anymore. I offer her the breast before/during/after feeds and when she's abit sleepy but nothing she just screams and screams. I feel like a complete failure because I can't give her any breast milk and I'm scared it'll dry up.. I'm here in floods of tears.

    Please help what do I do? :cry:
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    Oct 20, 2015
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    When you pump do it when your calm and have her in front of you. Stress will slow the let down low so that won't help. If you have your baby in front of you it helps release the hormones and that helps. Think baby thoughts about when you first saw her ect.
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    Have you tried to hand express to get the let down then see if she will latch?
    My DS is the opposite, breastfed like a pro but would never take a bottle If I managed to express at all. He won't even take water in a bottle at 9 month so he's always used the sippy cup that can just trickle water in. I think it's the nipple confusion.
    They also sell silicon pumps that just suction themselves onto your breast, so if you can trigger the let down yourself you can collect that without having to pump :)
    If your still struggling, seek help! There are many breastfeeding specialists out there who I'm sure will be willing to give some advice :)
    Good luck!

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