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    so please keep updating me on due dates if you arent on the list or if you have had your baby and il try and keep the lists updated for you I have started it from the June mummies but added ina may mummy to as baby announcement was in june! as and when anyone pm's me announcements or replys i will try and update for you alternatively there are various people who have done the general threads. this is done in due date order but obv the announcements could go on at any time!

    Mrs p42 baby Emilia marceliene arrived 27 may at 2152 weight 7lbs 2

    Emma B due date 28th May but had baby Harrison 1026 on 1st June weigh 8lbs 7
    4 days late

    Sammy90 1st June ~Archie~

    Cantstop 2nd June ~Kitty~22 May, she was 7lb 9oz 6 days early

    CeeCee 4th June BABY GRACE 4lb 9oz 1st May 2013s 32 days early

    Zoziebubly 5th June ~Oscar~ 0155am on 7th June Oscar james 2days late

    Robyner 5th june Chloe-Rose born at 9.44 June 13th. 7 lb
    8days late

    Lucyiwan12 5th June -12th June Connor weight 6lbs 14 7 days late

    meggymum 5th June felix george on 20th may at 4.48am and he weighed 6lb 4 oz 17 days early

    kerihall 6th

    Mousie 6th June

    hayels 7thjune- Harry was born on june [email protected] 7:28 pm weighing 7lb 13. 7days late

    new mrs G! 7th - Charlie (boy) on June 10th at 6.06am weighing 7lbs 14.5oz
    3days late

    Legally_sarah (unsure due date) – baby Pheobe Rose born 9th June 0213 weight 7lbs 4

    Linny1989 9th June ~Lexie-Rae~ born 25th may 6lb 2oz 15 days early

    Clairethehair 9th June Beatrice willow born 8th June 8lbs 13 1day early

    bewdleygirl 9th June

    LuciaLeek 11th June -18th June Boy Leo 2142 9lbs - 7days late

    Clarebear77 12th June baby Mia June 1st 5lb 13 11 days early

    lottielou 12th June - baby girl on june 18th. Weighing 7lb5. skye olivia. 6 days late

    purplesusi 13th June

    Steffy198 14th Jue

    Colourmeblue 15th June - 13th June baby girl 7lbs 12 2days early

    Lanesje77 15th -Verity Elizabeth was born at 1.14 10th June weighed 9lbs 14 5 days early

    mummyoftwo12 17th team blue- had baby 14th June 1234 Oliver James weight 8lbs 3days early

    Dax 17th - Daisy arrived at 2:57pm 20th June Weighed in at just under 8lbs - 3days late

    BabyFazza 18th June -26th at 7.42am weighing 7lb 4. His name is Beau - 7days late

    number3 18th June - Lilly rose grant 6lbs 13oz at 12 18[/B] - 1week early

    evie_smith 19th June ~Olivia Lillie~

    mummywanabe 19th June Ryan Thomas Ward born at 14.18 16th June 3days early

    positivity 20th June Baby girl boraun at 8:20am 19th june 1 day early

    lrat 20th June Ryan Taylor born 26th June 1905 7lb6

    Becky1 21st -Joshua James arrived 26th June at 3.35pm 10lbs 5 days late

    Ninal 22nd ~Isaac~

    Lettie 25thbaby born 1.50pm 9lb 3 26th June[B]1 day late

    Emmimoo-26th June Theo David / Holli Jean -Hollie Jean was born , 5th July, at 11:55am 9 days late

    Poppy1987 26th June

    Laurat -Rory Taylor McArthur born 26/6/13 at 7.05 pm weighing 7lbs 6

    LouiseH-due 22nd June - 16:22- baby girl Taylor-Rose Moore was born, weight 7lb 9.5oz. 5days early

    Bek234 29th June ~Hallie Rose~ Hallie Rose Eason born 17.01pm weighing at 8lb 05oz 25th June 4days early

    fairypants 29th June -Aphia Henietta born 25th June 19.15 6lb 2 oz 4days early

    Mrsjones1209 30th June -Tristan Connor Jones was born at 10.50 pm exactly weighing 7lb 9.5oz and 52cm long! on 2nd July ! 2days late

    ♡ Babyslog - due 1st July Noah James Born 11th July @ 5.44pm - 9lb 9.5oz[/B] 10days late

    ♡ MiniVoid - due 2nd July -19th june boy david victor time of birth 21:40 13 days early

    ♡ Fermerswife - due 2nd July

    ♡ Julesb64 due 4th July baby arrived 26th June 1509 7lbs 12 10 days early

    ♡ Ali2012 - due 5th July

    ♡ Clairexx - due 6th July Max - Born 3rd July @ 2:39pm - 8lb 1oz 3days early!

    ♡ MrsSully - due 7th July

    ♡ Inga - due 7th July -Henry Joshua born 15.20 weight 4.3 kgs 14th June 3 weeks early!

    ♡ SophBubzie - due 7th July

    ♡ Shet89 - due 7th July

    ♡ Kay Kay - due 9th July Matthew John - Born 1st July @ 4.01am - 7lbs 3oz 8 days early

    ♡ mablestarr - due 9th July Ana - Born 5th July @ 8.29am - 6lb 2oz 4 days early

    ♡ Missbatesy - due 5th July Laycee Elizabeth - Born 1st July @ 5.36pm - 6lb 15oz 4 days early

    ♡ Snunnie - due 10th July Melody Catherine

    ♡ lauralou - due 11th July Layla Grace - Born 16th July @ 6.01pm - 7lb 12oz 5 days late

    ♡ SaraLouise - due 11th July Harrison James - Harrison James - Born 5th July @ 10:45am - 5lb 12oz 6days early

    ♡ Libbygrace - due 11th July Jack -Jack - Born 29th June @ 01.10 - 8lb 9oz - 13 days early!

    ♡ katieelisexo - due 12th July Oskar Freddie -Oskar was born at 15.07 on the 9th.(unsure on weight yet) 3days early!!!

    ♡ Bonfire Bride - due 13th July -Baby born at 5:35pm. 7lbs 13 25th July a baby boy 12 days late

    Blueberry (unsure of due date so have added you in at random) Jayden Daniel born 12:11am on the 20th July 8lb 6oz

    ♡ mrsolly - due 14th July -Emily - Born 21st July @ 11.45pm - 8lb 6oz 7days late

    ♡ Kim88 - due 14th July - Millie - Born 19th July @ 3.30pm - 7lb 5 days late

    ♡ Bbybump16 - due 15th July Eliza Rae Eliza Rae - Born 28th July @ 3.20am - 7lb 12oz 13 days late

    ♡ tilly16 - due 19th July George William or Isabella Rose -George William was born 21st July at 12:54 weighing 9.01 2days late

    ♡ dmkirk89 - due 19th July Henry David

    ♡ Jadeflorence - due 20th July Tilly Rose born at 11:50pm monday 8th July 7lbs 12 days early!

    ♡ jimjams - due 21st July

    ♡ L2310 - due 22nd July -baby girl (name tbc) 8.33am 23rd July weighing 7lb 15oz! 1 day late

    ♡ becky2102 - due 22nd July Jacob -Born 25/07/2013 weighing 7lb9oz 3 days overdue

    ♡ Miss_May - due 23rd July

    ♡ k8_005 - due 23rd July

    ♡ Clairabelle - due 23rd July

    ♡ Bellarina - due 23rd July Jacob Thomas -7.59 and weighs 8.8lb. on 26th July 3 days late

    ♡ specialbump - due 24th July

    ♡ Babydot - due 26th July

    ♡ Bluey - due 27th July

    ♡ Corrinne37 - due 27th July Caris Faith - Born 24th July @ 9.03pm3days early

    mrs_c due 28th July Seren-Mae born 24th July at 3.44am 4days early

    ♡ LynseyM - due 28th July

    ♡ HelenJ - due 30th July

    ♡ Holi - due 31st July baby girl Rosie Walker 22/07/2013 weighing 7lb3oz at 10:25pm
    9days early!

    ♡ xDenisex - due 31st July

    ♡ Excited1980 - due 31st July

    buggy1 due 2nd August bump buddy Spinsugar

    Abilouise due 3rd August

    Excitedrachael due 3rd August

    Anna456 due 3rd August

    cassiek25 due 4th August Liam

    charlotte89 due 4th August bump buddy Kelly450

    Joeyclare due August 5th and team yellow!

    Kelly450 due 8th August Joshua James bump buddy charlotte89

    LoopyLouize due 10th August

    Lulula due 10th August

    Spinsugar due 10th August bump buddy buggy1

    Shatinahan due 11th August

    kara2868 due 11th August Scarlett Jaynie

    giz due 12th August

    Paddles due 12 August

    Positive37 due 14th August

    mummy2b19 due 14th August

    BKR123 due 15th August

    Vic27 due 15th August

    Lau due 17th August

    Supertoast - 18h August

    Nela due 18th August

    Elz due 18th August

    Mrs CW due 19th August

    Heres Hoping due 19th August

    mumawiles due 20th August -baby boy born 1st July 5lbs 3 oz 51 days early!

    l_maclean due 21st August

    Lydia due 21st August

    Nomad due 24th August

    .Ruth. due 26th August

    purplebeauty21 due 26th August

    butterfly5 due 27th August

    glowing due 28th August

    amanda maxwell due 28th August

    SarahLouB due 30th August

    umbongo due 30th August

    NikNak1 - Due 1st Sept Team Yellow

    ♡ Ammdaz - Due 3rd Sept Team Pink

    ♡ MrsE - Due 4th Sept Team Yellow

    ♡ Tigger87 - Due 7th Sept Team Yellow

    ♡ MrsMisa - Due 7th Sept Team Yellow

    ♡ Mrs N - Due 8th Sept

    ♡ Haylian - Due 8th Sept Team Pink

    ♡ 5Element - Due 9th Sept Team Blue

    ♡ SeonaidMac - Due 10th Sept Team Yellow

    ♡ Shell30984 - Due 11th Sept Team Blue

    ♡ Katied1 - Due 11th Sept Team Blue

    ♡ Constantstar - Due 12th Sept Team Pink

    BevG -due 13th Sept team pink -poppy Isabelle

    ♡ Roxyroo - Due 14th Sept Team Yellow

    ♡ EllieG - Due 14th Sept Team Blue

    Tabbi - Due 16th Sept Tea pink -Aurelia

    ♡ AmyA - Due 16th Sept Team Blue

    ♡ BeeSmall - Due 17th Sept

    Sunshine_state due 19th Sept - girl

    Bubbles 1987 - due 21st Sept - girl

    carli91 - Oliver George Quinn due 26th September

    caoimhe - 29th September, Team Blue

    becaquest due 1st October

    katyloumc baby due 3rd October

    Noni due 4th October Edward

    Doodles due 4th October Noah Logan Ki Taylor

    Gemsy due 7th of October

    AnnaMS due 7th October Emilia -Emilian-Rose Elizabeth Stevenson born thursday 11th July 3lb 12oz 13 weeks early!!!!

    LeaAnn due 9th October

    Clairebear83 due 9th October

    Vickimo due 10th October

    Juice due 12th October

    badtasteinmusi due 15th October

    Lulubelle due 18th October

    boomzflip due 19th October

    dairygirl due 20th October

    1009 due 21st October

    Sam2013 due 22nd October

    NinjaKitty due 23rd October

    ScotchEgg due 23rd October

    Jess. due 23rd October

    ChloeSmith due 24th October

    Sweetiepie1309 due 24th October &

    nbrintz due 25th Oct

    Samantha55 due 25th October

    nbrintz due 25th October

    jonesy87 due 27th October

    smnicholson92 due 28th October Jasper Brody

    Plaztikman due 28th October

    Rebecca89 due 31st October
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  2. buggy1

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    Wow, that's a lot of babies!
  3. k8_005

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    as and when babys are born and im notified il put the namne in bold to make it easier to track. i have done each month in alternative colours to also make it more simplified! but in theory this is everyone in tri 3!x
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    Thank you xo
  5. Bek234

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    Oct 22, 2012
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    Ooh that's a lot of babies :) xx

    Tapatalking. X
  6. laurat

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    Feb 13, 2011
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    Oooh great list!!
  7. Holi

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    Sep 3, 2012
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    This is so exciting! X
  8. lottielou

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    Hey k8. Thats awesome!!. Im gonna love stalking this to occupy myself ha x
  9. umbongo

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    There are so many of us!! Thanks x
  10. giz

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    Feb 1, 2013
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    Ooh, thank you!!

    baby giz born 6th Feb 2011
    next one due 12th Aug 2013
  11. BevG

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    Jul 10, 2011
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    ooh i wanna join, Poppy Isabelle Vaughan, due 13th September (im told shes a girly so were going with that for now lol)
  12. SeonaidMac

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    Yay thanks for this hun xx
  13. CeeCee

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    Linny had her baba on 25th may x

  14. giz

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    Feb 1, 2013
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    I.gmtgrits:/,g.g tg0+4

    baby giz born 6th Feb 2011
    next one due 12th Aug 2013
  15. Corrinne37

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    well done hun xx
  16. Clairethehair

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    Update from me - Beatrice willow born 8th June 2013 weighing 8lb 13 :) x
  17. tilly16

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    This is fab will be stalking it daily to see who's due :) x
  18. giz

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    Oops. I think my daughter might have got hold of my phone earlier.

    baby giz born 6th Feb 2011
    next one due 12th Aug 2013
  19. k8_005

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    Iv updated Claire the hair bevg mummyoftwo12 and Linny but for some reason bold isn't working on my phone so will tweak it when I get onto desktop :) I'm hoping to add Robynr on here soon!!! Also any other June mummys you know have had babies in may where I may have missed them let me know please thank you :) i have also pmd those who are now overdue from June just to check no one has been missed out and abandoned the tri three bit because they are busy with their little ones :)
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    its poppy for our first name hun lol isabelle is the middle name i think were going with

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