are you buying bub xmas pressys?


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Sep 2, 2005
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i was just wondering if people are going all out on buying their babies gifts for xmas or just a few more toys? i would have thought with all the presents from the birth, bub will have alot of toys already, and i dont have alot of room so im not sure whether to tell people to buy bub outfits ratehr than toys, does that sound cheeky? amy x
as this will be my 3rd baby there's not alot I need unless it's a boy this time as i have 2 girl's at the moment so mainly have girl's clothes. but i'm planning to get baby a present from me and my partner and one from it's sister's; as baby will only be about 2 weeks old at xmas there's not much you can get 24studio id good for personalised bit's, and has some babie's 1st xmas thing's like decoration's for the tree and stocking so i may get something like that.
thankyou. i havent thought about things like that. my mums have a silver scrolly sort of thing done to put the birth certificate in which will have babys name on so that should be nice. Amy x
We've bought a few outfits that I might wrap up for Christmas, but it really depends on when the big day is! I don't think it's that important if they are only going to be a few days or weeks old, we've got plenty of years ahead to spoil them rotten !!

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I am going to buy one of those Santa sleep suits for Dominic to wear on Christmas day :)
My boy is due for the 21st of december. I will not buy christmas presents as he might well be born after christmas but i went to Tesco and they have absolutely gorgeous christmas vests and baby grows, in red... they are so cute!!!!! So I think that is what I am going to buy my little boy, christmas outfit, a real pine tree and take a pic of him to show him when he is older :D
Good plan future mum. I really want to get a christmas tree this year for baby. Am due 14th Dec so baby might be here Christmas but just in case I am buying them a book of stories, I have seen a gorgeous Dr Suess one with all the stories in, and then as they get bigger they can have a bed time story. Plus it is a keepsake too.I know baby probably won't have a clue and will be getting loads of stuff anyway but I am the type of person who buys my dog pressies and he has no clue why either (he just thinks he has been a really good boy). Will ask everyone else though to put money in a saving account if they want to buy baby something for christmas.

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