Are all Jan babies destined to be Dec ones!


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May 17, 2005
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Anyone noticing how many Jan mums are popping out their little ones now! Their dropping like flies! Cant wait to have mine although its scary that I only have a week and 6 days left! I'm dreading the thought of going over and will do lots of housework and bouncing on the gym ball to make it want to put in an early arrival! The thought of being induced turns my stomach my OH sister was overdue so they induced her and litterally gave her a tablet in the cervix and said we'll check you in 6 hours! nothing happened so they gave her another one and said the same thing and if it didnt work they would start again in the morning as they couldnt break her waters as the delivery suite was busy! So anyway she started getting pains one on top of the other but only lasting 10 seconds and they hooked her up to a machine and kept telling her they wouldnt be strong enough to do anything then they offered her some parcetamol which really did loads! Tried an injection to slow things down, didnt work! At 9.30pm she said she felt the need to push so they finally decided to check her and she was 8 1/2 cms so they rush her down to the delivery suite where all the midwives are stood around chatting! really busy! 10.15pm little baby Freya arrives. The thought of having to sit in hospital waiting around is horrible I plan on staying at home for as long as possible when this one decides to put in an appearance
What a nightmare your OH's sister has gone through. That really upsets me, how people can be. The facte that the midwives stood aroound chatting. One of my fears is that with me being so nervous about everything (the birth) and the thought of midwvies being way to relaxed and me sitting there freaking out and what not.... I hate the thought of it actually. They have seen sooo many births and pregnnat women that they have no thoughts that each person will be experiencing this for a first time and we are bloody nervous about it.....

I am due Jan 6th and wondering when things will happen, I am sure I will be the only one who is still sitting here in 2 weeks or longer, BUT I hope things happen soon. It's such a waiting game now.... you and I are both now full term and it could be any day... but when???

There really are not many people laft to chat with are there??? LOL they are droping like flies, I never thought about it until now.

I have my last booked doctors appointment tomorrow morning and it would be great to hear things are happening, but I don't feel like they are starting any time soon. Still no 'show' or anything (sorry TMI) getting BH's all the time, all day long, but that's it... arrrgg.... LOL

How are you feeling these days, do you think things will happen soon for you?

I've not had a show yet as far as I'm aware but also know it doesnt really mean a thing if you have one or not, you might not get one until your in labour. So far all ok, have a midwife appt today, so see if little one is moving down or not! Cant wait now but when I think back its actually scary how quickly the past 38 weeks has gone, I still remember taking the pregnancy test all those weeks ago like it was yesterday. I hope that this one puts an appearance in soon starting to feel achey and tired and heavy! As my OH sister has just had hers its hard to imagine I have that in my belly still I mean how do they fit in there! I just dont think I can comprehend that I've been growing a baby for the past 8 months and I could meet it any day now although I'm dying to see what he or she looks like!
I'm still here unfortunately-don't think mine's will come til January! :cry:
i think my man will make an apearance at the start of Jan
im still here too :?

wish it will hurry up though, really fed up now. just wanna hold our lil girl or boy :cry: :D :D :D

I was just saying to the Dh that lots of January mums have arrived early.

He is now in a bit of a panic and has gone into buying mode.

At last! :D
I sneeked into the December mum's group and left the January mums!
Feels so strange to have delivered already and be reading posts from people who were due before me and that are still pregnant....
Get this baby out, cannot get any bigger I'm going to blow! Don't see the midwife on the 6th of Jan where she said she will do an internal (oh I'm sure that will be fun!) After all the scans said he would be out early, still snug in there not dropped down or anything, poor baby!
We almost made January but not quite. They've opened up the extra beds on maternity at our hospital because they're so busy, and they let me home just two days after section cos they need the space.

Tracy xx

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