Apparently Forgot to do this last year.....

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    Apparently I was far too besotted with DS to do this last year :roll:


    At 39wks we had another growth scan and DS estimated weight was 10lb... As this was very close to their warning threshold for C-Section potential of 5kg someone finally suggested I refer back to the consultants again.

    We waited in Triage to see a Registrar who went over everything with us and did an internal where I was 1cm (probably just from sheer weight of baby!!) and favorable for induction if we wanted to go ahead.

    DH and I discussed all of this with regards to how choosing to go in the following morning (Thursday 1st September) to start inducing would probably be useful in terms of care for DsS and the dog etc. We knew DS would be big and likely broad like DM and I both are in the shoulders.

    So, Wednesday August 31st we went out for a 'last supper' at TGIs as we were going to miss the trip the following night to the same place for BiL's Birthday on the 1st September. We were now resigned to DS definitely being a September baby... Just like my brother, BiL, FiL and DsS....... :roll:

    We went through Propess and two lots of prostin during Thursday, Friday and Saturday which did cause contractions but no dilation or effacement, although my plug did come away. DS's HB also kept spiking high though stroking bump and DH and I talking to him kept calming it down.

    By Saturday night we decided that we didn't want to risk the third prostin dose. I had a dose of Pethedine to sleep for the night and DH went home for the first time in several nights (he slept on the floor next to me for six nights!!). Sunday was spent nil by mouth with the hopes of a c-section that evening, though I was still having some irregular tightening, nothing was really happening. By this point my Mum had travelled her 70 miles by train and was giving DH a chance to go home for showers and to see DsS etc (he was getting a bit worried about my and little brother by this point).

    Sunday night they had a serious emergency case at the end of the list for that day so they asked if I could wait until Monday morning. I said yes. Forgive me but I'd rather have a fresh, well rested surgical team on a Monday morning than a frazzled, tired one at the end of a busy weekend....

    So, DH got me in a McDs for dinner on Sunday night and I slept as well as I could and my Dad and Stepmum and the in-laws etc were advised of the imminent arrival.

    10am Monday 5th of September we went into get ready for surgery, lovely staff, all very pleasant especially as technically I worked there too etc.

    I never really wanted a section at all, but, I knew that if I did have one, I'd rather it wasn't a full on emergency. I've been involved in those as a student midwife, they're intense and make you produce a lot of excess hormones that I i doubt can be good for baby etc.

    So, I had my calm, mildly humorous C-section and Ethan Robert was born at 11.26am, 05/09/2016 weighing 9lb 10oz. They lifted him up to show me and he pee'd all over the surgeons ( I think this has left him with lifelong issues peeing in public.... Lol at almost 11 months old I can count on one hand the number of times he's pee'd during a nappy change!!).

    They struggled to wrench his shoulders out, he was indeed every bit as broad as we expected and then found his apparently massive cord around his neck which they said almost certainly stopped his head from causing proper pressure on my cervix, hence the lack of dilation etc. and likelihood of restriction of his blood supply.

    His cord and placenta were apparently really big and well formed, so no wonder he grew so well! We gave a cord blood donation and were later told it was so good it was immediately banked for use, they were very pleased with it and we're very proud he was able to help someone else just by being born.

    The spinal started to wear off a little whilst they were doing my stitches so they had to top that up (should have warned them it was likely, my Dad processes anesthetic stupidly fast as well).

    In recovery less than 30mins later he latched really strongly and tried his best to get my colostrum going.

    My Mum was waiting in the corridor between Delivery Suite and the Post Natal ward so got to meet him straight away.

    Back on the ward I was able to move my legs in bad a bit within four hours which the staff were really happy with.

    DsS came up after lunch with his grandparents, my in-laws. He didn't start back at school until 7th September so he was free to come visit straight away and was unable to stop grinning the whole visit :)

    Half my work colleagues came up to congratulate me and welcome him which was lovely but a bit manic too!

    By midnight, i.e. about 12 hours later I was very cautiously able to walk to the toilet and pee on my own. And I had a very depressing emotional response to myself and the other post section ladies on the five bay ward, 'shuffling', like all our womanhood and strength had been taken out of us. it was a very hormonal response. DH comforted me with the fact that he was just so happy DS and I were both still with him, how it was always a risk having a baby and he's right.

    We were finally able to take DS home on the Wednesday night, his original due date, almost a full week after going into hospital.

    He's now a week away from turning 11 months old and I've quit work to look after him. He's crawling, cruising and starting to try balancing on his own and he's a gorgeous little star... I say little, hes 75th centile for weight and 91st for height, same as when he was born!!
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    Sounds like you had lots going on! I think I would also opt for a fresh surgeon than the end of shift one. Glad it all went well in the end. I'm curious, are you and your dad redheads? They can process anesthetics differently and require more than other people and I'm always amazed that a lot of medical people don't know or take it into account.
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    No but... We're both blonde, with a warm hint. My little brother however is a full redhead. That gene does come from my Dad's maternal side though. My Grandma and the three of her four siblings who had children all had at least one redheaded grandchild.

    Interesting huh lol

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