Anyone with Clearblue digi dual ovulation experience??

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by jennyQ12, Aug 4, 2016.

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    Hello, OK abit it background hubby and I have been ttc number 2 since March with no luck (not had a period since Ds was born 17months ago) anyway I stopped feeding ds about 8 weeks ago in the hope my body would restart itself but as of yet nothing really seems to have happend. I thought I'd give IC opks a go to start with but I was getting stressed out because I wasn't getting a positive (obviously because I wasn't ovulating!) so the other day in desperation as I thought my body was perminantly broken I splashed out on a box of clearblue dual ovulation tests. First one was blank circle (from what I've read the first one is always negative) then over the last few days I've had the flashing smiley, flashing smiley again this morning but randomly this afternoon I thought I'd test again (I was feeling very bloated and crampy) and low and behold I have a static smiley!! The only problem now Is I've convinced myself it's a false positive just wondered if any ladies have any experience with these tests and hopefully had positive outcomes with them?

    Jen X
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    Dont think u can get a false positive with them as it either detects the LH surge or it doesnt!
    I used them from the start of ttc and conceived 2nd month of trying (ended in mc) but then conceived again 2 months after mc and now have an almost 9 month old! Good luck and get dtd! X

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