Anyone Tried Palmer Cutler fake tan?


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Jul 12, 2005
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Hiya Girls

Well, you know what it's like - Your body is no longer what it was so I've tried to make the best of a bad situation by getting my hair and nails done and pruning my lady garden to perfection while I can still see and reach it.....I'll be doing my toes too so when my bits are being pulverised during labour at least I'll feel better that my toes look nice :lol: Well I want a fake tan now too - Still look crap!

I bought the Palmer Cutler mousse/foam yesterday as it was on special in Asda (£15 instead of £18.) does anyone know if its any good?

Bit scared of doing it as I'm not the most patient of people and usually end up looking rather ropey.....Anyone used it or heard if its any good?

Many Thanks in advance
ive not tried that one... i use st tropez which is brilliant... or you cud splash out and get a tan done in a saloon

I'm sorry but i'm one of those people everyone hates coz i have skin that tans really easily and have been lucky enough to sunbathe alot over the years (i'm an air hostess!) so i don't fake tan but several of my friends do and have tried various ones but they all say St. Tropez is the best.
I'm sure if you are careful the mousse will be fine. You could always give your local beauty salon a ring and get their advice on it, we don't want you looking like you've been tangoed lol.
Good luck with it.

Nicki.x :D
Thanks Girls

Well I'll be brave then and be Palmer/Cutlers chief tester!...Just don't like being white and wobbly...I was a sunbed queen pre-pregnancy!

Will let you know how I get on - I promise to take photos if it turns out a bit dodgy for you to laugh at! lol

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