Anyone testing next week?


Jun 21, 2005
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Would be good to have some moral support! I'm due next Wed - anyone else? I'm quite pathetic - yesterday my friend told me she was pregnant and although I'm delighted for her, it made me feel low, so I decided to take a test which was negative of course at this stage. I'm going to ask Boots to bar me from their stores to stop me buying more tests!
hi, i really know how you are feeling my cousin just announced she was pregnant, and she wasn't even trying. my AF is due tomorrow, so im just hoping this month, as i have no PMT which i always get guarenteed. fingers crossed. i know what you are going through, i feel pathetic all the time, i know that we shouldn't but i suppose were just putting the blame on ourselves. how long have you been trying for? i have my fingers crossed for, if you need any advice or support, we are all here to listen.


shelz x
Thansk for that, good to know I'm not the only one feeling like this. I suppose it's early days for me, have been trying for 5 months so shouldn't really grumble. I hope you get good news tomorrow. It's hard when it seems to happen for everyone else, although sometimes you don't know what they've been going through. PS Another friend of mine has had two babies, both conceived at first shots (excuse pun), and she always says "Oh, I'm so fertile" which really annoys me!! I mean you don't go around saying "Oh I'm so pretty/funny" etc so why is it okay to say that?

grumble, grumble...
hi girls,
i hopefully wont be gettin AF on monday, will be testing then too.
Fingers crosssed!!!!!!! (For us all!)

Luv Kylie XXXX
I just wanted to wish you guys a whole lot of baby dust. It looks like everyone is looking for it. Good luck and hang in there.
I know what you guys mean all and yes I do mean all of my girlfriends are pregnant talk about a let down.
Good luck,
help!!!!!! been up the pub 2nite, a friend who i didnt even expect 2 get pregnant annouced that she is 11 and a half weeks!! had to run to toilets to have allitle cry!!! came home, done a test (far to early i know, but bfn all the same) me and dh in tears!!!!! i just cannot cope anymore!!!! going to book a doctors app to see what the f**k is wrong with me> really really not a happy camper at the moment!!!!!!!!!!

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