Anyone taking clomid this cycle?

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by Serendipity., Apr 3, 2016.

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    Hi there,

    Anyone else out there taking clomid this cycle? We've been trying for our third for 13 months with only a chemical to show for it. I found out on Friday it's very likely I have PCOS, so that might explain why it's been taking so long. After all our tests came back normal, I went to a private fertility clinic as we won't get any NHS help being that we are trying for our third. We wanted to go for an IUI, but due to the cost, we figured we'd try a few cycles of clomid first. So I took 50mg from CD2-6 this cycle. At my follicle scan on Friday they found my ovaries were full of smaller follicles (that and my extremely high AMH level leads them to think I have PCOS), but there were two in my right that were way bigger than the others at 14mm and 15mm. I go back tomorrow for another scan to see what's going on with them (hoping they both continued to grow) and I'll have a hCG trigger shot as well to help them mature.

    Anyone else out there taking clomid this cycle?
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    Hiya, I'm on clomid cycle 4 at 100mg. I only got one egg from this dose so I'm fortunate I wasn't started on 50mg as it wouldn't have worked for me. I don't get the trigger shot though. We are ttc our first, been 4 years now. I have pcos so that isn't helping.

    Hope your next scan goes well :)

    (PS there is a clomid thread in the long term section if you would like to join)

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