anyone know of any good sites for breastfeeding tops

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by cloud9, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. cloud9

    cloud9 Well-Known Member

    Sep 16, 2006
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    i find mine really useful but my dressy one has now split i only need it for 4 months fingers crossed so don't want to spend a fortune i have found nothing on ebay

    any help appreciated
  2. valentine

    valentine Well-Known Member

    Sep 2, 2006
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    I don't Cloud - but H&M has fab b/feeding tops for £10 each in their maternity section - they are kind of peephole, if you know what I mean.

    They are quite plain or stripey (quite funky), but you could buy one or two and jazz them up with a sparkly cardie and jewellery?

    Hope this helps

    Valentine Xxx

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